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The new Windows 11 update causes problems with Nvidia

Like any other operating system, Windows 11 receives constant updates, some large and other small. In the case of today, Microsoft firmware has received a lot of news. However, users have reported a series of problems related to NVIDIA graphics cards.

At the moment, the Windows 11 update 22H2 is now available, offering improvements in Snap Layouts, concentration sessions and not disturbing, Windows Studio Effects, an administrator of renewed tasks and clip champ. However, several users have pointed out that have also presented frame rate, pulls, sound failures, and other errors.

To solve this, some users have chosen to return to the previous version of Windows 11, which seems to fix this problem. Along with this, Nvidia has shared a beta patch, which is directed directly to the operation of its GeForce Experience , and here you can download it.

In this way, you have two options, return to the previous version of Windows 11, or install the Nvidia patch. These are only two temporary solutions, and hope that Microsoft manages to solve this inconvenience as quickly as possible.

In related issues, here you can know the first details about the 40 NVIDIA series. Similarly, the CEO of this company ensures that the prices of graphics cards will not drop price.

This Punch Mans video game indicate success, yet his latest spot might not download it

Thus, today they are told by countless followers that understand the presence of this journey. In Google Play it exists as an adaptation to RPG of technique monitored by Squash where users can experience the history of anime. With voices of the initial actors, it will certainly be enabled to combat with Santana, the best hero, as well as deal with the difficulties of the different calamities and also villains.

However, any marketing is in some cases great, as well as the news has actually gone viral on social networks after being released by a manganese fans account.

The world of computer game advertising and marketing has actually left us excellent moments over a number of decades, but also flushing moments that possibly, as fans, we would have desired not to see. This is the situation of an area of One Strike Man-the Strongest, an experience of role and method that was introduced in mobiles a few days back.

In the lack of information on its efficiency, in Google Play it has actually already exceeded the figure of 100,000 downloads because its launch on September 22. In Eastern markets he arrived long earlier, counting for million its recreations until now. One Punch Man has also been seen on PC and also gaming consoles, where we got a couple of years ago the interesting One Strike Man: Hero Nobody Knows.

The manufacturing aims to be a new success for the franchise business, yet it is for the industrial shared by those accountable perhaps the players would run away. Specifically it is a video clip of a little over half a min where we see ** Santa new adventure. The laughs are guaranteed.

At the same time, farms and cafe management are released at the same time.

On the 23rd, Mo brain launched its mobile management game “ Waku Dessert Café ” on Google Play and Apple App Store.

It is a mobile management game with cute graphics. You can develop dessert recipes with your owned ingredients, and you can grow into your own café by responding to your visit to the café.

You can get a new dessert recipe and make a new dessert and create hundreds of desserts. Furthermore, you can experience farms along with dessert production, and you can harvest wheat, strawberries, and watermelons to make desserts and sell them to customers. It is also possible to expand the farm to increase the crops and become a rich farm owner.

It also supports customization, so you can decorate the inside of the café and the main characters. In addition, you can run a café with your friends, share your experiences with a diary, or interact with other cafés at the top and share the necessary information.

The pounding dessert café was released in Taiwan in December last year and began to make a reservation in Korea in early September. An official of Mob Brain said, The pounding dessert café was finally released in both major markets. I conveyed it.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, and more details can be found at the official café of the dessert café.

Genshin Impact Aranaga’s Memory World Quest – continuation

Granada’s memory is one of the three local tasks of Genshin Impact, necessary to open the last chapter of memory, continuing the chain of tasks of Agnihotra Supra. In this bitter-sweet history, you again meet Maranhão, who no longer remembers you, and even an older friend, the old Amur Decatur from the Academy.

How to unlock the world task Varanasi’s memory in Genshin Impact

To unlock the memory of the Varanasi, you must first fulfill all the quests in the main line of world quests of Agricola Supra:

  • Head of Star Night
  • The head of the rising moon
  • The last chapter

As soon as they are all completed, you will unlock three hidden world tasks that will not be displayed in the task menu. They can be done in any order, but we strongly recommend following this sequence:

  1. Memory of Varanasi
  2. Old friend Ranking
  3. Figure Ar agar


How to complete the world task Varanasi’s memory in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled by a circle on the image above, sliding from the track point of the teleport to the west of the forest of the Haiti. You will find a camp with an old man by name ???. Talk to him to find out that his name is Khayyam, Amur Master, who needs your help. After talking with him, follow the marker of the quest on underground cave in the forest of Mails. Go to Khayyam, who will ask you to explore the plants in two places.

Two quest areas are allocated on a mini-card and the world map, so you can simply follow the quest marker to find them. Keep in mind that they are both underground, so do not use any of the travel points of the teleport to get to them. You should defeat all enemies in each area to cause a dialogue with Ha yam, where you are studying the plants together. As soon as you finish with both, follow the marker of the quest to the whereabouts of Khayyam-still in the underground cave.

Then return to the Khayyam camp in the forest of Mails. After a conversation with him, Granada will appear. Talk to Granada to give it a dried flower from Khayyam, completing the local task. After the completion of the quest Old Friend Rankin and Ar agar’s drawing, you will open the last continuation of the Agricola of the Supra called The Last Chapter of Memory.

Check out our Genshin Impact Giving Flowers, a continuation of Va run Path to complete another continuation of the Araniaaki line.

Modern War 2, exactly how to get and also utilize the Side Impact Blueprint

Checked out on listed below to find out Just how to get and use the Side Effect Blueprint in Modern War 2 .

Well, the good news is it is not one of the most difficult to browse with the food selections to attain it. But this write-up will certainly give you these answers as well as reveal you precisely what you need to do.

The Side Effect Blueprint is just one of the unique beta benefits in Modern War 2. Perhaps ask yourself exactly how to obtain the Side Impact Blueprint in Modern Warfare 2 and use ** because it is not precisely clear what you should do.

Modern Warfare 2, exactly how to get and utilize the Side Impact Blueprint

So you have it, so you get and also utilize the Side Influence Blueprint in Modern Warfare 2. Additional suggestions for developing great loadouts can be located in our standards for the ideal advantages in the video game and also the very best weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

However, you should have reached 15th area in the Beta from Modern Warfare 2 in order to be able to use the tool in the complete version of the video game. Otherwise, there is no means to get it.

To obtain the Side Effect Blueprint in Modern Warfare 2, all you need to do is select the X13 cars and truck in your second port and also after that go to the weapon chamber and select the Blueprint **.


This variation of the weapon is even more powerful and dependable than the basic version and is supplied with a variety of premade attachments. You can adjust it to a larger scale if you desire.

Bierhoff demands reparation in Wembley

This is the last examination prior to nomination, we desire to gather reparation as well as trust is extremely important, said dfb taking care of supervisor Oliver Bailiff, as well as he required: We have to think a lot more in us.

All the same, the World Mug expectation is not screwed down. The objective stays, highlighted Bailiff, Germany wished to most likely to the final: Of course you will ask regarding today’s game: Just how can you state that? Yet we begin at the competition of absolutely no.

For the Nations Organization, the duel in the London Wembley Arena is useless. Germany can no more be team winners, the Three Lions are figured out before finishing from the Align. Both teams quickly need tailwind in the prestigious video game for the World Mug in Qatar (November 20 to December 18).

The European Champion reach versus England comes to be anything however a friendly for the German national football team after the sobering loss versus Hungary.

Wembley is constantly unique, reported Play Gunboat, that plays in Manchester City in England. With the national group it is a little much better in terms of state of mind.

Modern War 2, how to obtain as well as utilize the frontal impact plan

Modern War 2, exactly how to obtain and also use the frontal impact plan.

The frontally effect version of the TAQ-56 is dramatically far better than the standard variation of the weapon and has some great essays that can be one step in advance of its opponents. So it is worth making it component of your course structure.


Reviewed below to discover out how you can obtain as well as make use of the frontally influence blue pause in Modern War 2 within the design system.

For ** Get and make use of the frontal effect plan in Modern Warfare 2.

With a deal with, a reduced reach and a shaft, the frontally effect version of the AR is effective, able as well as accurate to make players melt. It is presently challenging to locate the best TAQ-56 PC players 24 that does not include this plan

Are you looking for one of the better blueprints for an attack rifle in Modern War 2? Well, if you have played the beta, the frontally effect blueprint for the TAQ-56 is one of the most effective blazing plans. So if you wish to use it, this guide leads you through how to obtain the frontal impact blueprint in contemporary war 2 .

Well, if you have played the beta, the frontally impact plan for the TAQ-56 is one of the ideal blazing plans. If you desire to utilize it, this overview leads you via how to obtain the frontal effect plan in modern-day warfare 2 .

For Obtain and make use of the frontal influence blueprint in Modern Warfare 2. Every little thing you need to do is to furnish the TAQ-56 as well as then pick the frontally influence variation of it .

Currently, you know just how to get as well as utilize the frontal influence blueprint in Modern War 2. Why don’t you have a look at a few of the other instructions we need to assist you develop the ideal class for this tool? This includes our guidelines amongst the very best discounts as well as finest eliminate streams in the video game.

Immortal devil sets its first great update and these are all its contents

The staging of Immortal Devil in its final version lt June w marked by controversy and discontent for its aggressive monetization system; Even so, Blizzard h continued working to provide his free to play for PC and mobile new content through upcoming updates. Well, the first major Immortal devil update will be available on September 28, 2022 ** with a good handful of novelties. These are the most prominent.

New Battle ps of seon 5

Thus, this new content update will serve to welcome the new Battle ps of seon 5 , known storm stems , a new event that will give players the opportunity to obtain great rewards, cosmetic articles and much more. On the other hand, a new dungeon will be enabled with the plot of The silent montery through which to obtain light sources to end the surrounding monsters; A challenge.

On the other hand, an ancient fortress called the Arranger Ctillo will also be enabled. This place will replace the war band camps and offer new characteristics to the game. In purge of the depths, the members can obtain individual power and achieve remnants that can be placed in the stays of the war band to offer benefits to the occupants.

Finally, in the Defense of Arranger you can collaborate with the war bands to get more rewards fighting waves of demons. If you participate in these events, you will have the opportunity to find ancestral weapons that you can use to grant part of your attributes to all members of your war band, they confirm from Blizzard. Special mention for the fifth chief of inertial, Zilch the deformed , a fierce fighter willing to face only the most Guerrero adventurers from October 2.

Show the contents of the campaign! Call of Duty Modern Warfair 2 Latest Trailer Released [Update]

Activision BLIZZARD has released a trailer that focuses on the pre-play of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II , which is scheduled to be released on October 28.

In this campaign, Task Force 141 will challenge various tasks, such as in Europe, Asia, the United States, etc., such as battle on the sea, bombing on the enemy base, and stealth missions in the dark. By making a pre-order of the digital version, it was announced that it could be played on October 21, up to one week before the release, but this trailer was shown slightly.

Open beta, which allows you to experience multiplayer battles, will be September 23rd to September 25 2:00 am (Xbox and PC version only need to make reservations for Vault Edition), and all players. September 25, 2:00 am to September 27, 2:00 am is scheduled.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28 for PlayStation5/PlayStation4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam/

*Update (2022/9/22 12:32): The trailer published in the article was modified to the one that was uploaded on September 22. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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