A narrative is an item of prose fiction that normally can be checked out in one resting and also concentrates on a self-supporting occurrence or collection of linked cases, with the intent of evoking a solitary result or state of mind. The brief tale is just one of the earliest sorts of literary works and has actually existed in the type of tales, mythic tales, people tales, fairy tales, fables as well as stories in different ancient neighborhoods throughout the world. The modern brief story established in the early 19th century.

Do you like Greek myth? Combined with mythical stories and the first person, peers , peers , let you cooperate to kill the purgatory.

Perish is developed by Item 42, HandyGreek mythicss, players are the soul of the flesh, and will be placed on the shabby temple, the hot foundry, etc., the scene of Greek mythics, and go to the bliss world through crazy.

The player will only get a sword at the beginning, will be based on the basis, collect the currency named Danake to unlock the gun branch. More powerful weapons.

A Journey Through Hearthstone's History

Danake can let you strengthen armed, and you can let you fall into trouble. The soul of the Purgatory will be extremely desired to Danake, driven by the desire, will raise the players to compete for wealth. In order to prevent death, the currency falls into the enemy, and the currency can be stored in advance to the Trinity, so that resources are not lacking.


If you feel that a person has a single knife to kill the enemy too much, this work can be convened to support each other, so that you will not be alone on the journey to the world.

Perish has opened steam page, the listing date is undecided, does not support the procurement, the readers can track _item42 official tweet _ get instant information.