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Eligible plays an important role free fire. Each of these has a specific specific capacity that enhances the possibility of victory over the battlefields. With every new update, developers expand the list of available characters. Dimitri and the Thin characters were introduced in recent updates.

Thinwitle Vibes boosts 5% to the speed of the rescue at the first level. In addition, users do a recovery of 15 HP in 5 seconds in a successful defense. Apart from this, at the level 6, the speed speed increases by 20%. In addition, revived users will receive 40 health points within 5 seconds.

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What is the Character of Thiva Good for aggressive gameplay?

The simple reply is that the player can use the Thiva Character for aggressive gameplay on being combined with other capabilities. One of the advantages of players with this Character is that there is passive potential in it. Therefore, they can be used with other active people in combination.

In addition, it appears to be yellow on standalone basis, unlike other active characters like Krono, which are more suitable for aggressive gameplay.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing that Vital Vibe is relatively harsh and gets useless in single matches because there is no rescue. The ability to gain profit in the couple and squad games can be used comfortably.

Users can run as a squad on the opponent when they fall down. They can quickly be saved and to use the Thiva to gain health. When used with Krono, users also get additional cover within the force area to revive their knocked team.

Similarly, users can get additional health benefits when Vital Vibes are equipped with the ability of light.

How to Get The Thiva Character in Free Fire?

As a login you will get a new twice for free, on August 28, 2021:

Step 1: First of all, you can open the fourth anniversary interface and click on the Login Award option.

Step 2: After this, you should press the claim button below for Character to get the throat.

You can equip it from the character section.

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