Elden Ring will have a gameplay that differs from the SOULS series. It allows players to collect the souls of their enemies and to summon them in the fight and use. These are not player NPCs, which can be summoned as in other fromSoftware role games, but offline-ki with their own progression elements.

During a Q & A for media, from software assured that these new mechanics were carefully balanced to make Elden Ring not easier.

We tried to position the ghost conjectures where they are placed in the game, and how to race them in the course of the game, so that the game will not be drastically easier if you use it.

The evocation of Ki or online player aid in boss fighting can make a big difference, but the developer says that there is a compromise due to the way they are designed in Elden Ring.

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It’s in the hands of the player, which conversations he chooses and when he uses them, but it is also in the hands of the player, whether he invests his stat points in the summons or in his own character, so it is one Safe compromise.

The collected incantations depend on how players explore the very large world of Elden Ring and progress:

So it is not intended to drastically reduce the degree of difficulty.

Elden Ring is expected to be released on January 21, 2022.