[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] AID is a smart store operated by NHN.

NHN (Representative Jung Woo-jin) announced on the 26th that we opened a smart store in Sampyeong-dong, Sampyeong-dong, Seongnam-si, The store will be introduced by the unmanned liquor sales system using NHN’s face recognition technology.

Reporters duck and weave as bombs drop
The NHN supports facial recognition and verification APIs, which is a policy to apply face-to-face AI technology to the vending machine and access certification terminals operated by unmanned smart stores. In addition, we will establish a experienced store that can experience content that NHN has a ‘Transportary Temple’, which serves AI or AI, AI and today’s horoscopes.

Customers using a smart smart store can purchase mainstream with face certification only by registering in advance in the personal certification phase, and the viscosity can stably manage the mainstream items through AI-based unmanned sales systems. Both companies plan to expand business and business cooperation based on this Sampyeong-dong store.

NHN, NHN AI Business, said, NHN has been conducting AI research that can be combined in various fields related to real life, and the company’s shared platform and work agreement, not only online, as well as offline usage experience. We will do our best to expand a variety of AI services on the future, he said.

Park Jin-suk said, Business cooperation with NHN, which allows the government to apply a variety of digital technologies and contents of NHN to the Digitalization Project of the Government.

On the other hand, NHN’s face recognition technology recently acquires KISA biofuvis, and is recognized for its excellent performance and expanding a non-interactive telecommuting system solution around financial sector. NHN is a plan to continue to commercialize AI-based services such as OCR (optical character recognition), similar image retrieval (fashion search), automotive plate recognition, speech recognition, and voice synthesis.