Naver Company is a South Korean development empire headquartered in Seongnam that operates the internet search engine Naver. Naver developed itself as an early pioneer in the usage of user-generated web content via the production of the on the internet Q&A system Knowledge iN. Naver also handles worldwide mobile services such as the mobile messenger LINE, video messenger Snow, and group interaction service BAND.
On August 1, 2013, Naver made a decision to divide with Hangame, a firm which it had grown along with as NHN Corporation for 13 years. On October 1, 2013, the firm embraced its current name Naver Corporation in order to show the modification, restoring its pre-merger name. Hangame is currently looked after by NHN Enjoyment. Naver’s current affiliates consist of Line Firm, Snow, Naver Labs, Naver Webtoon, NAVER Cloud, and Works Mobile. The company is currently accepting IT startups in order to advance right into a tech-based system.

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporters] NHN (Representative Jung Woo-jin) announced on the 27th that the Ministry of Environment is an eco-friendly campaign (Go! Go!) Challenge.

NHN Cloud Division Kim, Myung-Shin, the CTO (Top Technology Director), has participated in the campaign by receiving the land of data processing solutions.

The Ministry of Environment, the depression, which started in January this year, is a campaign leading to relays. To reduce plastics in life, it is a way to share a photo that promises to practice to do what you can do in everyday life and recommends the next runner.

Kim, Ham-Shin CTO is our assignment to worry about ESG (environmental, social and governance), which is a sustainable future value as an IT company that operates a data center that is essential for energy efficiency, he said. Informing the need for reducing one-time supplies, in the enterprise level, the direction of increasing energy efficiency through technology advancement was able to emphasize the length of energy efficiency.

The NHN cloud, which is running downtown Data Center NHN Cloud Center (NCC1), is leading the environmentally friendly technology implementation. Especially, it reduces energy in an indirior system and leads to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and creates an effect of pine trees 1,265 every year.

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NHN is achieving the Grand Slam of the Energy Champion’s Reducing Award, Selection of the Energy Champion’s Excellence, and the Award for Energy Circular Changes,

Meanwhile, Kim Ham-Shin CTO was a member of the Artificial Intelligence Industry and Industry Bureau of the Industrial Bureau of Industrial Bureau,