Nowadays, it belongs to the good sound for transferred players to underline afterwards, how easy they had to change, how little they had to think about the decision. Ilaix Moriba chose a different way on Wednesday, when RB Leipzig introduced him as a new addition of FC Barcelona.

It’s very hard to leave Barcelona, said the 15 million euros expensive midfielder, saying the club, but also the city. Far around, the 18-year-old is finally not in his footballing life yet.

He had to end a lot at Barça at Barça

Born in Guinea, Moriba was already pulled as a toddler to Spain and after a few months in the junior department at Espanyol with seven years in La Masia, the legendary football school of the FC Barcelona, ​​whose figureheads he last belonged. The question of why he would rather change abroad than to start with the club he carries in the heart after his own statement, many recently moved many in Barcelona.

The Leipzig would have convinced him with the vision, the presented project, the positive development of young player, he says Wednesday. That was very attracted to me. At the same time, he summarizes the last few months: These were the most hardest of my life, also for my family.

Because he could not agree with Barça about an extension of the 2022 contract, he was recently ignored by Profitraainer Ronald Koeman and has been offended by some trailers, sometimes racist. He and his consultants – the German company Rogon \ – were too greedy. There were many things that we had to stand partly just lying, says Moriba. We stayed calm, even if not everything was cleaned.

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After all, Moriba still experienced his first 14 La-liga missions in the second season, which mainly emphasizes the third third: as a changeender he met in Osasuna to the 2-0 final score – on presentation of Lionel Messi, who also the first one Credit. That remains unforgettable for me, certainly for my family, says Moriba.

I do not want to be some player, I want to write history myself in football

It should not be his only profitor. I do not want to be a midfielder who only plays along, but one who meets, he emphasizes. As 1.85 meters large, workwright box-to-box players (I do not listen to run), he had to look out a lot of Sergio Busquets and Frenkie de Jong; Above all, he wants to perfect his own style. He says, I do not want to be some player, I want to write history myself in football.

Step by step he hopes to approach this project in Leipzig and knows about the work, which is in front of him from the beginning. My fitness level can not be optimal at the moment. Moriba, presented by RB as an absolute exceptional talent, wants to arrive on his first football station outside Barcelonas first.

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