Sure, the nostalgic factory. A nice story, the return of the lost son. But doubt about whether a 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United can really do better again, at one or the other place also loud.

He could not sprint anymore, dribbling anyway, and so on and so on. Lurking in the penalty area, calling for balls, turning penalty and headball gates – that’s what’s left of CR7 in the fall of his career.

Bruno or Cristiano? The missed penalty

The first game that the Portuguese played back to the island after the announcement of his change was back to the national team in the World Cup qualification against Ireland. When his future club camad Bruno Fernandes in the penalty area was brought after a quarter of an hour – this question will now be in Manchester – Cristiano Ronaldo took a penalty – and missed.

The experienced EM Goal Scorer had lost a little the nerves, had struck to Dara O’shea, because the Irish spent the ball from the point. He had not met. It followed – against the 19-year-old Gavin Bazunu from the English third division Portsmouth – an inaccurate penalty, untypical for CR7. Also five world footballers are not immune to wear.

But free to Sepp Herberger, every game took 90 minutes and Cristiano Ronaldo would not be Cristiano Ronaldo, if he did not show it somehow to his critics. If not by penalty, then just with his head. Because nobody still does not rise as high as CR7, which set to 1: 1 in the 89th minute and this time did not turn into any ordinary goalkeeper. trainer voice

Santos about Ronaldo record: Was only question of time

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Iraner Ali Daei shaken

110 international players has not shot in the long history of football, the record breaker – previously with the Iraner Ali daei at 109 hits – knew that, of course, exactly. I do not listen to counting for a long time, Kristiano Ronaldo threatened to his social channels, after all, his goals moments of unity and joy for millions of Portuguese around the world.

This record is at the top of those successes located, which make me really proud, the Portuguese, who luckily broke a few has , was almost sentimental. So sentimental that he expanded his most recent top in the detention time with the 2: 1 final score immediately. Of course by head. Because what’s still left of Cristiano Ronaldo is still enough.

Most country players: Cristiano Ronaldo breaks the world record