The following is a listing of institutions that have an Islamic or Muslim identity or charter. One of the brand-new institute is Islamic Educational Hub.

Anyone who is already complaining about the lack of equipment of German educational institutions is likely to fray in a trip to the VR title Cosmonious High. The VR adventure in space is getting worse catastrophes ready than the word game School All-Day.

Whether a meteorite is crashed into the school building or the school bus itself – somewhere it always burns, normally. The player has to solve the chaos with the help of a lot of humor and his special forces that develop into his hands in brenzy situations. With the help of motion controls, a variety of combinations are already deleted in the trailer. The game of VR-Veteran Owlchemy Labs (Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator) should appear in the course of 2022 for Oculus Quest and SteamVR.

_ Welcome to the Cosmonious High, a high school for aliens, where there is definitely no disturbances! After you have a fracture landing and experienced a first unforgettable school day, you explore the rooms, switching forces free, discover the reason for malfunctions and rescue The school before the cosmic chaos.

Lively characters – experience a whole new quality of VR interaction with dynamic characters that react to natural gestures. Touched you with oblique types from your school clique, clap yourself or greet you with the fist! Powerful world – the entire school is a single interactive playground for your extraterrestrial powers. But thinking: clearing rooms, does not make a snow day!

Unique explorations – explore the largest room that Owlchemy Labs ever built! Hang with friends in the auditorium, experimenting in the subject of chemosophy and will be really creative in Visualics. Stunning graphics – so unique and playful, like the school itself. Look forward to the vibrant, colorful world of Cosmonious High! _