Farpringer Malaika Mihambo is ahead of Tokyo 36 days after her Olympic Gold by Tokyo. At the finale of the Diamond League in Zurich, the 27-year-old Heidelberger in her first competition after the summer games did not go beyond the fifth and thus penultimate space.

With its width of 6.56 m Mihambo remained clearly under its victory performance of Tokyo (7.00), with which she had secured the gold medal in the last attempt. The best performance of the World Champion has been 7.30 m since the 2019 World Cup in Doha.

The victory and 30,000 euros premium secured the Tokyo fourth Ivana Spanovic (Serbia) on the first day of the two-day finale, which at 6.96 m in front of the Swedine Khaddi Sagna (6.83) and the Ukrainian Maria Bech-Romancer (6, 75) was.

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Mihambo will be launched on Sunday at the Istaf in the Berlin Olympic Stadium and then take a break. Germany’s sportsman of the years 2019 and 2020 had to fight in the Olympic Season with great problems in the course, the gold jump of Tokyo was their only seven-meter flight under regular conditions.

In Zurich, where on Thursday the German spearwurf record Johannes Vetter fights for the Jackpot, Ballpin World Recorder Ryan Crouser celebrated its 24th win in a row from the USA. Tokyo’s Olympic champion prevailed at 22.67 metership of the two-day meeting with 22.67 m in front of his compatriot Joe Kovacs (22:29). Kovacs had recited Crouser the last defeat so far – at the 2019 World Cup in Doha.

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For the highlight of the first day Olympic champion Marija Lassizkene made in high jump. The Russian launching as a neutral athleteer sat down with the annual segment of 2.05 m – the highest jump worldwide since its 2.06 m in June 2019 in Ostrau.