The German football champions are the yearly winners of the highest possible association football competitors in Germany. The history of the German football championship is complex and also reflects the stormy background of the nation with the program of the 20th century.
Brought to the nation by English expatriates, the sporting activity had actually settled in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Leipzig in the 1890s, bring about the growth of city, local, as well as academic organizations, each with their very own championships. Following the establishment of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball Bund) in 1900, the first identified national championship final was held by Hamburg club Altona 93 in 1903 in which VfB Leipzig defeated DFC Prag 7– 2. Before the development of the Bundesliga in 1963, the champion format was based on a knockout competition, disputed between the champions of each of the country’s leading regional leagues. Considering that 1963, the first-place finisher in the Bundesliga has been acknowledged as the national champion.Championship play was put on hold twice; from 1915 to 1919 due to World War I and once again from 1945 to 1947 as a result of The second world war. Complying With World Battle II, Germany was inhabited by the successful Allies as well as two German football competitions arised when the country was divided consequently. The historical tradition of the DFB was proceeded in what was called West Germany, while a 2nd championship game was opposed in Soviet-controlled East Germany under the auspices of the DFV (Deutscher Fußball-Verband or German Football Federation). Complying with the reunification of the country in 1990, the two different football competitions were merged in 1991 and a solitary championship game was restored.Bayern Munich hold the document for the most champions with 31, all yet one of these (1932) being available in Bundesliga competition. BFC Dynamo asserted ten titles in the previous East Germany, winning these champions in consecutive seasons (1979– 88).

Elfmal has already given the Bundesliga comparison between Bayern Munich and Challenger RB Leipzig now – and six times the German record champion won (four draws, only a victory for the Saxons). The old song from the Saxon view was therefore provided with another stanza at the 1: 4 on this Saturday – as well as the old song that the current runner-up in these games often stayed very well with the top club of the Isar, but just on End regularly pulls the shorter.

The little Chugga strikes back (Jaina's Theme)

The reasons are always similar, so on this Saturday: The Leipzig have ranged with a lot of bite against the FCB, have once tried a lot. But cold cutness and goalkeeping in attack have just missed as in the crucial moments the cleverness in the defensive, which has laid a Munich defense about wide routes on the day.

Just bitter

Pech and luck have also played a role, especially at the beginning of the game. Because while a hand game by Thomas Müller in the 2nd minute has not led to a penalty whistle (the VaR or referee Deniz Aytekin could have been able to look at the scene quite a time), Kevin Kampl has also committed a hand game in minute 10 – and here The penalty gate of Robert Lewandowski has been the result. Kampls words following talking to Sky : At first, the ball comes straight to me – and then I feel that he’s a bit inside, I’ll just try, because I knew that behind me Also someone is ( leon Goretzka; Note d. Red. ), added and clarify the ball.

And all this in one evening, on which RB has come in well and held strongly. In the end, it’s just bitter, because you’re behind after ten minutes, Kampl continued, who also takes the fault for the penalty: Of course, that’s sorry for the team.

We did not have the start we wanted

Especially since his team in the first fourth Bundesliga game had already suffered the third bankruptcy this season. For comparison: in the preseason still under ex-coach Julian Nagelsmann, who had been exploited by the ranks as a new Bayern coach before this game, it has given the third defeat until the 18th matchday (2: 3 in Mainz; at the end There have been seven bankruptcies).

But from a tangen crisis, however, one wants to take off the Leipzigen, which underlines the analysis of coach Jesse Marsch: Bayern has a lot of quality and is a great team. They showed them today. We did not play badly, have not played a lot and A lot given. This has shown our fans that the group gives everything. But against Bavaria, it is always difficult. With a little more gambling happiness it can run differently. We have a good group. We have to learn a good group, on Wednesday, Manchester City is coming.

Sure is also: We did not have the start we wanted. But that’s exactly why you have to stay positive and quiet and continue working with each other .

Pictures for the game RB Leipzig – Bayern Munich