EA introduces a preview pack in Pipa 22.

EA released a patch note related to the release update through the FIFA 22 official website. The announcement mentioned that the preview pack function introduced in the previous work will be applied to the previous work, with the introduction of various contents, such as ahead of the coming on the 22nd.

The preview pack usage is the same as the previous. After confirming the athlete configuration through preview, it is a way to consume free goods FUT coins or paid goods FIFA points if there is a player who wants. If it is determined that there is no worth not to purchase, it is possible to cancel the purchase from the spot, and the preview can be used again after a 24-hour cool time.

EA has been entirely introduced in the previous work with the introduction of previews. It was positive that it was positive because it was a product, such as a tee (large placard), stadium and a theme, a uniform, but a desired player. And the FIFA is notifying the announcement of the announcement, I decided to re-release a preview according to the positive response of the fans, and I will be able to introduce a variety of business models that have been trying to ahead of this preview I left.

The EA has attracted the position of the proporable item issue of the FIFA series tradition, and the business models that will be released this preview and future will be able to receive the positive evaluation of users, which are not considered gambling. .

The preview pack is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC platform.