The packs in Ultimate Team have long been a criticism of the FIFA series. INFIFA 22 now returns an important innovation, the packs should already be made in FIFA 21 fairers, right back to the release.

What makes FIFA 22 different? EA Sports released some information, describe the new features in Ultimate Team. An important point: The so-called Preview Packs (or preview packs) will return to FIFA 22.

These special packs were first introduced in June 2021 with the Festival of Futball in FIFA 21 – so quite late in the FIFA season. Many players had the assumption that this would be quasi a degree feature or a test for the preview packs that is not permanent.

But in FIFA 22, the preview packs come back. And they will be in play according to Pitch Notes from the beginning: After the positive response of fans on their introduction to FIFA 21, the Preview Packs in FIFA 22 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S , Stadia and PC be available, the developers write in their contribution.

To the launch you can expect the following:

  • The Premium Gold Pack will be available for preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.
  • The Premium Silver Pack will be available for the preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.

EA Sports (via Pitch Notes)

will be available to what extent additional packs during the season preview packs remains to be seen. In FIFA 21, however, there were always promo packs that were previously visible – it is at least expected that this will be the case in FIFA 22.

What makes the preview packs in the Ultimate Team so important

What are preview packs? The preview packs differ in an important point of the normal packs: you can see the exact content of a pack before you buy it. Even the opening and WALCOUT animation can be viewed without having to buy the pack.

The content is worth the content because strong players are involved in, you can buy the pack.
If the content is unusable, you put the pack away. Then starts the 24-hour timer, until another Preview Pack. During this time, however, the already opened pack remains available – if you still want it.
If you decide for a pack purchase, the next preview pack is available directly afterwards. The timer is then skipped.

The price, whether with the replay coins or the real money currency FIFA Points is not different from the normal packs.

Why the preview is so popular: When the feature was introduced, it was popular with players. Because: Thanks to the preview you did not have to buy the cat in the bag. After all, you can not influence what cards are in a pack.


You still can not do that, but it is at least possible to keep the coins or FIFA points if nothing useful in the pack.

So you still need good luck to get good cards. But you do not lose everything in the same currency, which you have saved up, and it may later try again in doubt.

The problem with the packs: So far, the packs in FIFA made a lot of criticism – especially because of the gambling factor, which can cost money in the worst case.

Who at Ultimate Team has the best cards, is the advantage – accordingly critical the pack system is seen where you can not even see if you really get a good card.

Because of this topic, EA Sports fell into criticism more often. With the preview packs, at least something more transparency is created here. More about you learn here:

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Now the preview packs will be available for the first time from the beginning in a FIFA part. To what extent has an impact on the game, is likely to show in the first days after the release. It is at least conceivable, the preview packs that about impact on the exchange market in FIFA 22, when players only buy packs when also really worthwhile.

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