[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Smile Gate Stove (Representative Han Young Woon) has launched a new ‘Metallic Child’ in Indie Game Platform ‘Stove Indie’ on the 16th.

The Metallic Child, developed by the Studio HG (Representative Han Dae Hoon) and published by crest (representative Yang Jun-jae), is a loglite action game that has played the play of the Future Space Lab.

This game is characterized by the implementation of a variety of combat methods to apply various combat methods to utilize the same as the nuclear & slash combat but also the opponent.

When users purchase metallic children in Stove Indie, we donate 10% of stove sales together with 10% of stove sales together with the studio HG, Crest, and Saya. In addition, the Mission of Metallic Child is achieved by achieving the sales volume missions to further donate up to 30 million won.

The Representative of the Studio HG, said, The Representative of the Studio HG, the Orange Planet family company of the Smile Gate, launched the Smashing more Battle , Oberton , I am glad to have a decision of sharing through a donation promotion with Metallic Child. End>