YouTuber technology, Austin Evans , unleashed a whole scandal when it declared that the new ps5 , which has a smaller dissipator, was worse than the original model. Subsequently, several analyzes emerged that indicated that in reality there was no change in terms of their performance, while others claimed that it did a better job refrigerating the console. So, who do we believe?

Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry have been allied to carry out a series of extensive and definitive tests, both in the cooling system and on the performance of the ps5 review to finally put To rest all these rumors. The conclusion? Basically, there are no differences between consoles.

Steve Burke, Editorial Chief of Gamers Nexus , mentions that we have obtained so much information that it will be impossible to show it all in a video , highlighting how much they tested this console review. Although there were certain differences in temperatures, the truth is that they are not high enough to directly affect their performance and ultimately, the average user will not even perceive them.

Additionally, Digital Foundry mentions that the new PS5 has exactly the same performance as the original. Richard LeadBetter, Whoever heads this channel, concluded that operationally, it is the same machine, this after analyzing the components of each console in depth, in addition to that they also used a thermal camera to test their Temperature under different conditions.

So there you have it, it seems that we can finally put an end to all these rumors and comments about the new ps5 . Both media have determined that, after an exhaustive analysis, the functionality between both consoles is identical and you should not worry about which version you will acquire, since at the end you will have the same user experience.

Via: The Verge