In many online games, comrades that are suddenly and for a long time are inactive, a big problem. This Afkler (AWAY from Keyboard) not only hold on the actual gameplay, but ensure that the team concerned must act in fact that the affected team must act. This can be very frustrating and is not different from the MOBA League of Legends. In order to stop this behavior as quickly and effectively as possible, the Developer Studio Riot Games introduces harder penalties.

So far, there have been repeatedly noticed for players in League of Legends (now) by AFK actions, only queue delays. This is a short-term blockade when clicking the play button. Although this punishment works in principle according to statement by Riot Games, nevertheless they want to introduce a tightening to also bring the remaining afzler to reflect. For this reason, there will be the so-called queue locks in the future. As soon as a player gets down this punishment, he receives a corresponding message including a short explanation. In addition, he can no longer enter into the queue of the MOBA for a certain period of time. If it is repeating offenders, there is a tightening of the penalty in several classes. In the most extreme case, the barrier takes 14 days. Here are the overview:

Class 0 – No lock
Class 1 – No lock
Class 2 – No lock
Class 3 – No lock
Class 4 – 1 day
Class 5 – 3 days
Class 6 – 7 days
Class 7 – 14 days

Riot Games, however, stressed that the last word has not been spoken in this topic. The team wants to first observe the new system and its effects and to initiate further steps if necessary. What do you think of the new penalties? Are you justified or are you shooting beyond the goal? Let s know us in the comments!

Source: Riot Games

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21.09.2021 at 14:45