Imagine, you ve really trained for a long and hard to shine in a race right, and again and again, the damn mountain tormented, just to win. Then your big day comes – but while you give everything, your competitor just bombs in less than 25 seconds. So it s the NPC Kordt from Zelda: Breath of the game when link to a newly discovered trick. How it works, you will learn here.

New Trick discovered

It s about it: At Reddit Haakon-Lyning introduced a new trick for a race in Breath of the Wild and watch the NPC Kordt in the tube. This challenges link to a race to the flags on a mountain peak. Instead of measuring himself in a fair competition, Haakon-Lyning had a less sporty idea:

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Link bombs to the summit: Kordt warns link before the race even that it is about testing its strength. Horse riding leads to disqualification. But with this sly trick, the NPC obviously did not expect. The Zelda fan Haakon-Lyning uses a bomb to catapult yourself in the air. This allows him to use the glider, with the link sometimes passed quickly and depends on Kordt loose.

Well protected: To protect yourself, Haakon-Lyning Daruk s screen uses. By repeating the fan for a second time, he creates it in under 25 seconds on the summit. On Reddit you can watch the proof video:

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The race against Kordt is one of the very different mini games that can be found in Breath of the Wild. These serve to earn rubies and also offer a nice variety.

Have you already measured in the race with Kordt or do you want to catch up now and try the trick?