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Today, on September 23, 2021, SiAblo 2: Resurrected. The Remaster of the popular ARPG classic has already taken care of a lot of joy in advance and one or the other discussion. Meinmmo raises a last look at why you should ever look at the 21 year old game.

What is Diablo 2 Resurrected? With Resurrected Diablo 2 gets a Remaster from 2000. The developer team of Vicarious Visions specializes in such projects and has now made the ARPG of Blizzard.

The Remaster comes with modern graphics therefore with also completely revised cinematics. However, content is identical to the classic of 21 years ago – or more accurately 20 years ago. Because the extension Lord of Destruction is also included. This will provide you with all 7 classes from earlier.

When is the Remaster? On Thursday, September 23, the servers open at 5:00 pm. Resurrected can then be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Also a novelty, because on consoles the ARPG was not yet. You read more in our hub:

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Old game, new features – what is there in it?

Why should I see Diablo 2? Diablo 2 is considered one of the best, if not the best Hack n Slay and as a milestone of the genre. The Remaster should capture the spirit of the game and thus modernize that it runs easily on all common platforms.

The series and especially Diablo 2 are known for their dark, depressing atmosphere and the gloomy story as well as the rather hard entry into a few tutorials. A look into the game is worthwhile if you do not want to be taken on the hand as in modern games.

Incidentally, Path of Exile serves as a good comparison. Who likes to play the more modern ARPG – or who is something too complex – it should take a look at Diablo 2. This was considered a model for Path of Exile.

Anyone who stands for looses and levels should gamble Diablo 2 alone because of the replayability. You can sink hundreds of hours here to get that an item that will improve you. A hardcore fan has even fished for 4 years after the Holy Grail .

With the revision, Diablo 2 looks significantly more modern. Although the graphics of Diablo 3 or newer games are not yet approaching, but it is still visually much more appealing than the UR version. So the entry is a bit easier.

By the way: The control is new. You can play resurrected on all platforms with controllers, which fixes an annoying problem. This ensures a new fame, even if it is considered to be controversial among purists.

Incidentally, veterans can take over their offline scores from earlier and watch their beloved characters in the new light. Nostalgia can also serve here as a drive. CrossSplay will not give it for the time being, but you can transfer online characters via cross-project on different platforms.

Also for newcomers – but not if you are looking for something new

Worth Diablo 2, if I do not know it yet? In any case. Especially for newcomers, a look maybe even more likely than for veterans. Because some of the new details do not disturb your nostalgic views of the game.

Little things like the automatic picking up of gold can feel unfamiliar or disturbing. Resurrected has made a number of changes to Diablo 2, but some of which can also be switched off – such as graphics or mentioned picking up gold.

Nevertheless, hardcore fans and purists could interfere with small changes. Neuties do not know it any other way and you can immerse anywhere in Resurrected.

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When should not you play it? Despite revised graphics you can see Diablo 2 his age. It is not a newly created game, but is still based on the basis of 2000. Who stands on absolute top graphic, should be considered twice if he wants to play.

If you expect a completely new Diablo with Resurrected, you will also be disappointed. It is no longer and no less than the Remaster of a 21-year-old game. The developers have made it clear that RESURRECTED is not a remake. Meinmo editor Gerd Schuhmann is also not convinced as a veteran from Remake:

Diablo 2 is not a new iteration of the series. Therefore, do not expect absolutely new features or more content than those known for years. However, there are some promises for the future.

More content coming, new content not excluded

This is how it works: Actually, the story is completed by Diablo 2 and goes on with Diablo 3. However, the developers have already indicated that new content is not excluded. Also discussed through new features is discussed.

For example, in conversation is to take over the Loot feature from Diablo 3. Whether and when that comes, however, is not fixed yet. Surely we already know that the ladder follows – quasi the Seasons of Diablo 2. They will be submitted after the release.

Have you already decided whether your Diablo will play 2? Write us a comment! And if the answer is yes , only the choice of the right class remains. Our quiz helps you:

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