IndiaBlo 2: Resurrected occurs that the characters\-disappear-and-the-progression” title=”created characters suddenly disappear” rel=”nofollow”>created characters suddenly disappear. Blizzard announces that they work on a fix and give you some tips on how to handle the mistake by then.

This is the problem: The bumpy Launch of Diablo 2: Resurrected was probably not surprising for most players. However, as many things, however, has wound a shock, was the bug that reseted her progress in the game or made the player characters completely disappear and still leaves.

The bug refers to offline characters and has been diving since the launch of the game on September 23 again and again (Meinmom score with). Meanwhile, Blizzard has identified the problem and works on a fix in a hurry. The Community Manager Hooley announced that in the official forums.

How to deal with the problem: At the same time, Blizzard gave a tip on how to prevent your characters from your characters to the fix. The error seems to be in naming in online and offline characters.

If you wear the same names, it may happen that the offline character disappears. So to prevent that, you only have to use different names.

However, how it is the disappeared characters after the fix, Blizzard did not communicate. It is therefore not known if you will get them back or not.

How to Retrieve a Diablo 3 Hero if its disappeared

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Looking for bugs and fixes of problems

That says Blizzard also: In the Post for Update 9.24, which went online last night, the community manager Hooley said that the team is currently targeting several problems and bugs and works on their correction. These include in addition to the offline character bug also:

The problem that some characters were not selectable (LOCKED OUT) will be fixed again and after. If you do not use your character last night, looks in again today.
For players who could not create gaming lobbies or could not join, is currently looking for the causes of the problem.
The team also watches the worldwide uptime of the players to counteract crash problems and stabilize Diablo 2: Resurrected.
Some players can not start the game at all. This problem is also worked on.

So you can expect a number of fixes in the near future, which will improve the feeling and tackle common problems.

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