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Several companies from China have taken sights with a class suit Amazon. Accordingly, the shipping giant should retire the income of the companies. All sellers who are part of the claim have been locked by Amazon last year after they violate the guidelines of the platform due to paid ratings. Over 600 brands distributed to 3,000 accounts from China, Amazon has prohibited the further sale of products.

The plaintiffs occupy the restraint of revenue as illegal behavior. Apparently, it is partly zooming more than $ 100,000. In the Service Business Solution contract, which all companies must agree if they want to sell their goods via Amazon to customers, however, is governed that it is at the discretion of shipping riesen how long they retain revenue of the seller – in the case of a violation Against the guidelines. However, the companies of the collection claim already have a counter-argument ready.

Because Amazon is responsible for the distribution of the seller, those responsible would have realized that the Chinese providers would like to thank their customers with gift cards when they give a positive rating. Local action companies include Sopownic, Slaouwo, Deyixun, Cstech, Recoo Direct, Fishing Bliss and Tudi. Since 2016, Amazon has been stricter rules when it comes to animating customers to give a positive evaluation.

Via the verge

From Dominik Zwingmann
30.09.2021 at 15:28