If you are not fans of New World … or just looking for a new MMO to heat, you should pay attention to Fractured.

Tonight (19:00 Polish time) Open Playest starts – a free check of this title. You do not need invitations, you do not need Founder s Packs.

Just create an account ( here ) and download the client ( here ).

Open tests will last until October 13 inclusive.

Fractured is an isometric Dynamic MMO with an open world and a sandbox gameplay. Due to its appearance and the characteristics of the Fractured game is called … Dark striped version of Albion online . And that would agree in total, because both productions combine a lot.

You have enough MMO games, in which fun starts 80 hours after the start of the game? In Fractured you can join your friends in the most epic adventures from the very beginning. After determining the strengths and weaknesses of your character, you will set off for knowledge and reputation, not points Attributes!