Pokemon Go has announced plans to test several newly smaller functions in the coming weeks and months, starting with a soft launch of a new POKEstop ignition function. Today early, Niantic published a brief update on his official Pokemon Go blog announcing several minor game adjustment tests near several parts of the world. Some of these functions are aimed at incorporating new pokemon go players, including nickname suggestions for new coaches, a new special research history designed to present the game to new coaches and an expanded set of advice for coaches. Pokemon Go will also prove eggs hatching updates that will allow players to omit the enclosure animation for the first time.

The most vague feature mentioned in blog publication is the mention of the new functionalities of PokeStop. However, this is the characteristic that was silently implemented today for some players in New Zealand. Some players are now trying the ability to ignite Pokestops for a limited time. Players can light a pokestop or a gym scanning the location in AR. When a pokestop is turned on, they deliver better and rare elements according to the level at which the Pokestop lights up. However, lighting a pokestop only lasts a limited time. The function is currently being tested by level 20 or higher players in New Zealand.

We have known about turning on pokestops for a while thanks to the data mines of POKEMON GO S CODE. However, this is the first time that Pokemon Go officially launches the new function, and the first confirmation we have to be linked with the AR scanning function. Niantic uses AR scan when it builds its AR database, which plans to use in future games and applications.

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Pokemon Go is also being prepared to launch its annual Halloween event, which will bring more new Pokémon and Pokémon disguised to the game. This year, Pokemon Go will add Phantump, Pumpkaboo and Galaran Slowking to the game as part of their Halloween festivities, as well as the bright version of Spinarak. The Halloween event is launched on October 15.