Balloon World Cup , the World Balloon World Balloons by IBAI and Piqué has been all a success in every way, reaping some more than enviable numbers and leaving us played for the memory. In a night full of show thanks to the charisma of the guests, has been Peru the first winner of this edition that has left the Open Veda that this sport is getting much bigger and a hole is made in the future of emerging sports.

Peru gives the surprise and champion in front of Germany

The tournament brought together a total of 32 countries from all over the globe, where we could see confrontations that very few or no time has been seen in other tournaments, such as Andorra against Equatorial Guinea or Peru against Mongolia. That yes, each game was a show , there will be even draws to know the winner. But without a doubt, the best at night was Peru , who was in charge of starting the tournament against Mongolia and finish it before Germany . The final between these two countries was a rule show, leaving us points for the memory and that made us jump from the chair on more than one occasion.

It should be said that the German player was the revelation of the tournament next to Andorrano , which was one of the fastest and flexible people of the whole worldwide. Also leave a hole for the Spanish representative, that would eventually take the bronze medal in this first edition and leaving a very good taste of mouth. Finished and the first tournament The only thing we want is already see the next, since a vast majority was not expected that level of entertainment throughout the world. Even the Spanish Olympic Committee commented these worldwide, so it will be necessary if this discipline makes a lot of dent in the world and in the future it becomes something much bigger.

scandal numbers that no longer surprise anyone if I was involved

As for the numbers , I think that at this point and no one is surprised of the titanic statistics of the streamer Basque in this type of multitudinarian events. The average of spectators brushed 500 thousand people , while the golden minute came to a peak of 632,494 simultaneous spectators about 21:24 at night, time in which more or less played Spain In the first round of these worldly fun.

As for the visits, a total of 1,976,545 of unique viewers were at some point for the streaming and videos at YouTube have already reached more than 200 thousand visits in just over 9 Hours from their rise. As for ranking of number of spectators, it is placed at second position this year, only overcome by the boxing evening that occupied everything twitch for a few hours last July with more than one million and a half of people.

celebrities of the Spanish sportsman who gave carving

Night not only had sporting moments, but it was also starring the guests that I brought IBAI to the event. Two of them, Cristobal Soria and Alfredo Hard , are two of the most charismatic characters of the Spanish sportsman thanks to his participations so outstanding in the Chiringuito program. Yesterday it was no exception and gave a lesson to many about how give a show in full rule , including Piqué in the formula as one of the most encouraged on this magical night.

But another of the great figures of the night was Rafa Guerrero , one of the tournament s referees and who was a line judge at the top category of Spanish football several years ago. The histrionic way to arbitrate from him provoked the Furor de los commentators and public , who without going further, encouraged him even more. Also highlight nacho tellado , which was responsible for solving most of the most polemic points thanks to its respective var of balloons.

Production worthy of television with something negative: female participation

As for the production , increasingly the events organized by the Showman Vasco have excellent quality, with last generation cameras and one infrastructure worthy of the great media. Port Aventura closed its enclosure for this event and left one of its places improving to do this type of event. In addition to all this, the brands that sponsored the event were not mucus of turkey: Oreo, ments or yoigo were present in the whole event, although the strong plate came in the final of the hand of Volkswagen , which included a car in the parties area.

Finally, emphasize the main shadow and but of this tournament: female representation . And if we have the jury, presenters and participants, we could only see a girl: the Russian representative. While IBAI reiterated that it was the only athlete who was presented to the World Cup in all countries, maybe there would be more hollow and that they feel welcome in the tournament, as happened during the boxing evening where Queen Mary took all the compliments Because it is a host at the height of the event.

If it is true that the less visible part is full of female representation, but it would have to be promoted at the girls, although it is true that the least visible part is full of female representation, but it would have to be promoted of girls, although the community must give on your part so that you feel welcome and safe of themselves to appear on the screen without anyone doubting your capacity and value. This is not a direct dagger to IBAI, but a reflection for the future that includes all the members and spectators of the tournament.