League of Legends It has been updating as the years have passed. The new champions, skins or changes that receives the game help you maintain a good look that makes you look like a recently launched title. However, some of the most disastrous mechanics that came from its first days still cause problems to players and Riot Games have had infinite limitations when developing news that they have even made us raise the need for a new graphic engine.

The most odious comparison for League of Legends

One of the most desperate elements inherited from the initial stages of development is the difference of the sum invoker . Although many players are not fully aware of their effects, this can create visual imbalances in which it seems that a skill raises very far from us but ends up impacting or making the indicators of essential releases for the clarity of the game becomes completely invisible.

This situation has given rise to many problems throughout the history of League of Legends and delve into the deception that generates naturally the perspective of the camera. However, it would be perfectly avoidable. In Dota 2, the most powerful competition of the game, the problem has been resolved optimizing the indicators of skills and creating much more natural effects in which these spells can even make that unevenness.

Riot Games already has systems to make projectiles more understandable independently of the height at which the characters are located. However, the developer does not apply it to all skills so that there are some that can cause problems. Developers have made a meritorious effort renovating many functions, but there are always limitations that prevents perfect performance. Without leaving any further, Riot Games had to change the design of VEX at the last minute due to this type of compayments.