The production of the TV series to The Last of Us continues to run in full swing. And again, pictures arrived at the set on which the actor Pedro Pascal can be seen. But the pictures not only ensure enthusiasm, as Pascal, who takes over the role of Joel in the series, has a significantly less striking beard as the character.

That s not Joel

Many fans believe that the Pedro Pascal populated with a very discreet beard does not suit Joel from The Last of Us . That s not Joel, it says in a separate reddit thread , in which is also shot: They did not pay him enough to grow a full-bodied, says a participant.

Another fan speculated: You probably have decided that no beard looks better than a false beard, as Pedro Pascal never really had full facial hair.

Below you can watch the latest pictures of the set of TV implementation of The Last of Us and decide whether the appearance of the actor fits the famous video game figure. To see are ultimately Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Anna Torv (Tess):

New Exclusive Photos of Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Anna Torv (Tess) on the Set of the Last of Us in Calgary, off.

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New Behind The Scenes Video of thelastofus on HBO.
Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Anna Torv.

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Pedro Pascal on the Set of the Last of Us.
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Why Pedro Pascal is the PERFECT Joel

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The filming for The Last of Us have already started last summer. The start of the series is supposed to be in the coming year. According to older messages, a budget for a equipped format was released, which suggests an enormous circumference.

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The TV series is produced in collaboration with PlayStation Productions – a company founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the aim of incorporating the company s most important gaming markets in films and series. More about The Last of Us , including numerous pictures of the location, is summarized in the linked topic overview.

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