League of Legends continues in a period of transition to the next preseason, but Riot Games is not willing to neglect the final weeks before introducing the great transformations. Inevitably we have the head put on new dragons and objects never seen, but along the way we have a couple of updates. The first will be patch 11.21 , which reaches the game to make a few very necessary adjustments and lay the foundations so that the end of season arrives in the best possible condition.

The two great farewells of the patch 11.21

The most striking in the current patch does not come in the form of changes to champions, if not on the systems. The Global Chat that we have been enjoying years allows players to communicate with rival teams, but will be disabled as part of a Riot Games experiment. A measure against the toxicity that the developer will put in the test phase to decide if finally we returned this dear function and hated equal parts that so many good times has given League of Legends.

We also have another farewell, since the chupasangre could stop being the king of the metajame. A item that we will not miss so much in the event that Riot Games finally gets its goal with the adjustments and that is part of the veinnian equilibrium changes that the developer has scheduled for this patch 11.21. Some of them, designed to solve the imbalances caused with the previous versions to the Worlds 2021 that slightly increased the variety of characters available in the World Championship.

Nor could the new aspects be missing, which on this occasion they come to give out a collection inspired by the dragons. On the one hand we will have a series of champions to domesticate them (Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear) and by the other to those who have joined the ranks of these mythological monsters (Yone and Yasuo). Very expected additions that are the anteroom to the arrival of the aspects inspired by Arcane that will arrive in the next version.

Summary of the patch 11.21

Although you can find the complete notes later, first of all a summary for the most lazy.

Changes to champions:

Bufos: Viego, Teemo, Lux, Xayah, Jinx, Sion
Nerfeos: Quinn, Graves, Akshan, Karthus, Miss Fortune

Changes to objects and runes:

Bufos: ingenious hunter, basic life rune
Nerfeos: Guardian, Conqueror, ChupasAngres, Voraz Hunter
Settings: Screensavers

New Skins:

Dragons: Yasuo and Yone
Dragomantes: Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear


Eliminated Global Chat (/ ALL)