Valve Corporation [Vælv] (English valve ) is an American software company based in Bellevue in the US state of Washington. Valve was founded in 1996 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, formerly two high-ranking employees of Microsoft.
The company initially developed exclusively computer and console games and established in 1998 with Half-Life until today on the computer s market. Valve expanded with the publication of the Internet Distributor Platform Steam in 2003, however, next decade into a digital publisher for games and software. In 2013, Valve published a free operating system with Steamos based on the Linux Distribution Debian or Arch Linux. Steamos was installed from the factory from 2015 at Steam Machines – a series of complete systems developed with various cooperation partners – from the factory. As with the Steam Machines, Valve cooperates with other companies with other companies in their own hardware projects, the virtual reality glasses Vive was developed and marked with HTC.

Valve has officially presented its content verification system for Steam Deck , your portable PC dedicated to the video game. Through four different labels, the company will mark if the games work without problems, if they require any additional configuration by the user or if they are not appropriate for DeC.

For this, «Valve is reviewing the entire Steam catalog in Deck», explains the company itself on the page dedicated to this verification system. We have already begun to review titles, and we will continue to make it until the launch and beyond. It is a continuous evaluation of the entire catalog, and the rating of a game can change over time: the titles will be reviewed as the developer publishes the deck improvement updates or software .

Steam Deck: Introducing Deck Verified

After reviewing each game, a category is assigned according to its level of compatibility with Steam Deck. You will see these categories in Steam when you browse your library or compress games in Deck », for example on a tab specifically dedicated to the titles that are best carried with the machine.

Even examples of four titles with their four corresponding labels are given, according to their compatibility. The one that will most frequently want to see a deck user, imagine, is the green label, that of VERIFICATE , which indicates that the game works perfectly at Steam Deck without having to adjust anything. The example given in this case is ghostrunner . Some titles will be in this category by default, simply because they are compatible by default with the Valve machine, but remember that there are already studies by testing their games in Deck; Surely the list of games that have this label will grow over time.

A step below we have the yellow, jugable , which indicates that the game is compatible although may require some manual adjustments by the user to play ; Some examples of these manual settings include, explains Valve, when the user has to manually select a command configuration of the community, use the touch screen to move through a pitcher, etc. ; Team Fortress 2 , De Valve, is these. The gray color is reserved for the compatible no label, which indicates that the game can not be executed in Deck, as is the case of Half-Life: Alyx , the celebrated virtual reality game.

The fourth tag, Dood known , is reserved for the Games that Valve has not yet checked compatibility; This is the case, right now, of day of defeat .

Valve also specifies the requirements that a game has to meet to receive the green label. It must be compatible with command (and, when it is necessary to use a keyboard, display it on the screen automatically), in a broad sense: if you have launcher , it should be possible to move through it also with the default controls of Deck. It must be compatible with machine resolutions (720/800) and have a suitable predetermined setting that also guarantees that the text is readable. Finally, it must also be compatible in a broad sense: if you use Proton, everything must be compatible with Proton, anticheats included.

It is missing less so that the year comes to an end and the first Steam Decks begin to be sent; announced in July, the first units of the Valve console / PC will arrive in December, with the rest of the reserves, dispatching along 2022. On the objectives to which the company aspires in terms of performance is talked about a while, and in principle point to a minimum of 800p30 that many current games seem to get without much trouble: we have already seen more than a video in which games like The Witcher 3 or Devil May Cry 5 running with more than good performance, And Mike Rose, of no more robots, explained that descenders, his bike game, fluctuates between 50 and 60 frames per second with the graphics in Ultra.