A very good time has passed since we had some kind of novelty about Mythic Quest, the acclaimed comedy of Apple TV + that made many people delighted. Do not worry that the series has not been canceled, but on the contrary since Ubisoft already gave green light for a third and fourth season.

Through an official statement we were informed that Mythic Quest will have at least two more seasons, however, a specific date was not given for its debut. Apparently, the third part will debut during the first half of 2022, but I repeat, there is still no exact date.

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Matt Cherniss, Programming Head of Apple TV +, explained why they have been fascinated with this original production:

Like critics and the public around the world, we fell in love with the acute writing of Rob and his team and the characters full of heart and relationship that make up the world of Mythic Quest . We can not wait for spectators to see what awaits us in the next seasons of this brilliant situation comedy in the workplace .

So there you have it, now it is only waiting for some trailer and clear, the official date of its premiere.

Source: Official Statement