Animal Crossing: New Horizons (short AC: NH or ACNH) is a life simulation developed and published by Nintendo. The game was released on 20 March 2020 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth part of the Animal Crossing Main Rule.

After knowing that your harvests would no longer be only of pumpkins , animal players Crossing: New Horizons already prepare orchards and farms for invade its plantations after the 2.0 update.

In view of the arrival of these new crops, many game users for Nintendo Switch have already left made and marked the land , thus work is avoided on the same day and anticipate it.

For many, this new 2.0 update with the Alpiste, new stores, cooking, Giroids … and a DLC payment, has inspired to return to the game – or further improve your islands- after these months of cycle .

Even so, for many supposes a breath of fresh air before many things to do. And, no doubt, it seems that the most have to be prepared are the new crops, as they will offer more fruits and vegetables.

Potatoes, wheat, sugar cane, carrots and tomatoes , some plantations that will occupy space on the islands, but that it does not matter because the emotion of filling her with vegetables to the stops is even greater.

It is seen that time is another minor impediment , since there are still a few weeks until the many update has already done hollows and special decorations for your crops .

And it should not surprise anyone, still there are still videos of many fantastic creations , since many of this fascinates them; And some of this is appreciated in many orchards .

ScaReCrow, WheelBarrow, Little Things Like In This Picture ???? HOPE IT HELPS

  • ???? Mandy ???? (@Opaliteunicorn) October 19, 2021

An example is this tuit, not only land and fences , use available objects and create discrete and huge farms. What s more, take a look at the seed bags , are actually pillows.

And like this more examples, using silos, panels and cabins is given the printing of a farm with chicken coop. In this other case, he has created a path, golden flowers and a large farm with sections.

Here you can see mushrooms, pumpkins, flowers and fallen honeycombs decorating the landscape, with an entrance that custody two victories of Samothracia ; A luxury! And who says fallen, says fairy tale beekeepers.

Take a look at this stamp, no doubt something autumn and precious with an ocher touch. As is natural and normal, many others already have their plantations with personalized posters .

A Reddit user has published a video in which he shows the rest of players Everything that already has prepared for his crops .

With a walk alongside him, he teaches his future plantations and even has been shared with kindness his creator code for others to look for and easily find it.

New and Future Great Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled for next November 5; Both the free and the payment DLC Happy Home Paradise .

In this content we will work as an interior decorator and will cost 24.99 euros , although it is included with Nintendo Switch online + expansion package .

What do you think of the creations of these players ? Do you encourage you to share your ? At the moment, you can find 10 games as relaxing and serene how to take a good infusion.