Fyqd Studio has released a new trailer and the PC release date of Bright Memory: Infinite reveals.

The EGO Shooter Bright Memory: Infinite of the Chinese 1-Man Developer Fyqd Studio will appear on Gog and Steam on 12 November for the PC. The version for the Xbox Series X / S comes slightly later on the market. Similarly, the developer is already in the predecessor procedure.

Bright Memory: Infinite - Official PC Release Date Trailer
Bright Memory: Infinite is the successor to the Xbox-Series-X / S-Launch title Bright Memory and also combines a unique way in a unique way of rapid first-person shooter gameplay with fatal melee attacks. In addition, as in its predecessor, there is the possibility to use supernatural skills such as telecinese or time manipulation.

On the other hand, the skills are new to race on walls and to block opposing attacks. In addition, the different weapons have a special effect when the last ball is fired. This can even result in a targeted rocket and should sometimes give the fighting an interesting turn. Of course, all the killing tools are again personalized. How the skills can you be adapted to your game style.

Fyqd Studio has worked together with Nvidia during development, so that the whole surpasses the visually impressive predecessor. BRIGHT MEMORY: Infinite therefore supports DLSS, rayTracing reflections and shadows as well as numerous other technologies. By the way, who should have forgotten it from you: If you buy Bright Memory on Steam or Gog until November 11, your Bright Memory: Infinite gets free.