Electronic Arts (EA) is a listed, globally operating manufacturer and publisher of computer and video games. The company became known mainly for his sports games (Madden NFL, FIFA), but also publishes numerous other titles in other topics. From the middle of the 1990s, until the merger of Vivendi Games and Activision to Activision Blizzard in 2008, the company wbuy market leader in the field of computer games. With an annual turnover of about three billion dollars, the company in 2007 hbuy a market share of about 25 percent in the North American and European market. The company s shares are listed in the NbuyDAQ composite and S & P 500.

Football Manager 2022 is just around the corner. buy every year Sports Interactive launches a news battery around your header title. Soccer lovers from within can expect more information, better animations and unpublished tools to run your club towards world success… or local. We tell you everything you need to know so buy not to be lost.

When will Football Manager 2022 be launched?

Sports Interactive will publish the full version of Football Manager 2022 the next November 9 on PC through Microsoft Store, Epic Games and Steam; It will also be launched in physical format in the usual establishments. Inside you will find a code exchangeable in Steam.

On the same day some of the versions of consoles will be commercialized. In Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One will come with an edition customized and adapted to play on platforms. FM 2022 Touch for Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, still does not have a definitive date. IOS and Android devices will also see the arrival of mobile edition on November 9.

Success is greater when you earn it.

It exceeds expectations in FM22 \ – on sale on November 9.

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Football Manager 2022 | Release Date | #FM22 Announce Trailer

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What is the price of Football Manager 2022?

Football Manager 2022 will be put on sale at PC at a price of 54.99 euros, while the version for Xbox will do it for 39.99 euros. It will not have special editions of any kind. Xbox Game Pbuys users on PC, consoles or Ultimate will be able to access the game from the first day with their subscription. Put here you will know all the details.

If you acquire the digital edition you will be able to access anticipated access, already available. The progress you make will be transferred to the final version. In Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games hbuy a 10% discount applicable until November 9, which reduces its price at 49.49 euros.

Where to buy Football Manager 2022?

Next we leave you all options at your disposal.

Digital format

Buy Football Manager 2022 in Steam for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in Microsoft Store for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in Epic Games Store for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition in Microsoft Store for 39.99 euros

Physical format

Buy Football Manager 2022 in Game Spain for 49.95 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 on Amazon Spain for 54.90 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 at the English Court for 54.90 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in FNAC for 54.99 euros