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We have a new challenge on team making that we can do to take us a few random letters and that they can come very well for our team and, unlike other occasions, the truth that overcoming this challenge is of the simplest.

However, we have already available the team making challenge called improvement of totw , and we offer you a couple of solutions according to the budget you want to dedicate.

Realize that as a reward we will take a player in the form of the teams of week 1 to 5, but the letter that touches us will be non-transferable.

FIFA 22: How to complete the SBC of Improvement Totw – Solutions

This Totw improvement challenge will be available until on Wednesday, October 27, but you can do it in just five minutes, so it s pretty recommended to tempt a little luck.


Media of minimum equipment 83
Minimum equipment chemistry 70

Solution 1.

Solution 2.

How you see the cost is slightly above 10,000 or 15,000 coins according to the version, although we already tell you that the price of the letters can vary in just a few minutes for the behavior of the transfer market.

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