The Epremier League will return to the FIFA 22-ESPORT season at which all 20 clubs of Premier League participate and players fight for the largest prize pool of the competition of all time: £ 100,000 (around $ 137,000).

While the Epremier League has always fought hard and was a popular event for FIFA professionals, which often represent the clubs they support, the main criticism was always the small prize pool. For the FIFA 22 Global Series, however, the Epremier League will offer more than twice the money of last year and raise a prize pool of £ 100,000.

The other big change for the Epremier League is the conversion to a team-oriented format. While clubs in the past were two players each (one stepped in the Xbox series, the other in the PlayStation series), it was still a solo event in which the winner of each series in a cross-consolidal finale against each other to determine the overall winner. For FIFA 22, there will be a winning club and not a single winner player, whereby the results of its Xbox and PlayStation players are combined during the Phase of the Grand Finals.

As usual, each club organizes prior to the grand finale qualification events to determine its representatives. This is a completely open competition, where everyone, from the casual player to the former FIFA world champion, can try to qualify.


In addition to the exciting prize pool and format notes, the Epremier League also intends to return to a live Grand Final on site. Although the venue must still be confirmed and the live discharge of the event is still subject to Covid restrictions, but this is still a big plus.

The Epremier League is back

You want to represent your club? The registration is open now

Open for inhabitants of the United Kingdom ????????

  • Premier League (@Preemierleague) 2 . November 2021

The Epremier League Grand Finals should take place between 27 and 28 March, but starting online qualifiers for clubs already in mid-November. A complete schedule for the qualification events and registration information can be found here.

One of the earlier winners of the Epremier League include Donovan, Tekkz Hunt for Liverpool in FIFA 19, and in the past season, Shaun, Shellzz fledt from Manchester City the trophy.