The wind of change is still blowing through the halls of Blizzard: After the action of a California authority for sexual harassment and discrimination, not only the boss of the Legal Department has left the company, even in the HR department there was a change.

Even Blizzard President J. Allen Brack had resigned and replaced by Mike Ybara and Jen ONEAL as Co-Leader. The latter, however, releases the boss floor again and works until the end of the year in another non-detailed position before it finally leaves Activision Blizzard.

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That says Jen ONEAL for their termination

ONEAL announced their departure in a message on the Blizzard homepage yesterday. There she writes: I wanted you to personally learn from me that I have made the decision to withdraw from my position as a co-leader at Blizzard Entertainment and switch to a new position before I Kink [Activision Blizzard King] Lies at the end of the year. With immediate effect, Mike Ybara will lead Blizzard.

Oneal talks a little about her reasons and stresses that she does not do this because she believes Blizzard: I do not do that because I lost the hope for Blizzard, on the contrary – I am inspired by the passion of all, which work towards meaningful, lasting changes in wholeheartedly.

ACTIVISION STOCK TUMBLES | Jen Oneal Out as Blizzard Co-Head (VL571)
This energy has inspired me to step outside and explore how I can bring video games and diversity together and hopefully reach a wider effect in the industry, from which Blizzard (and other studios) will benefit. Even if I still Do not know what the form will happen, I m looking forward to starting a new trip and find out.

How is it now with Blizzard?

Even if the loss of a female leader should not be good news given in the light of the past incidents, one gives way to trouble in the context of oneal termination. Accordingly, Blizzard s organization Women wants to donate a million dollars in Games International.

ONEAL is active in the organization itself and, together with the other members, wants to ensure that the money for mentor programs is used. As you already stated in your statement, Mike Ybarra will now be the sole head of the company for the time being. By the way, Bobby Kotick is still sitting in his CEO chair, even if he recently shortened his own salary.

The abk workers alliance, a union in the company, is reflected by OneA s announcement affected, but you only wish the best: This is a sad moment for us here with Kink, because we were looking forward to a new experience, with a woman of color at the top of the company.

Source: Blizzard

From Jonas Höger
03.11.2021 at 17:48