Champion Hill is an interesting and challenging game mode in Call of Duty: Out. There are eight teams of two or three people with a set number of lives. Random duos and trios will compete for a limited time on a map to today. Both teams try to take the other team as many lives as possible, while avoiding at the same time that her killed. Once the time is up, the next team that they face, randomly selected.

Players start with $500 and killing other players brings them money. The money can be spent at the beginning of the game and every few rounds for weapons, equipment, Perks, Kill streaks and even extra lives. In this guide, we have the best loadout for Champion Hill. Described Call of Duty: Out in order to dominate the competition and be able to land at number one.

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Best Champion Hill loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard


Weapons depend mainly on the personal preferences in Champion Hill. It is a mode in which TT (time-to-Kill) is extremely important because it is crucial for the win to retain as many lives as possible, and a lower TT can mean the difference between losing a life and the loss the enemy mean. The MP-40 has the highest TT the available weapons, but choose what you like best. It is important to remember that loadouts not apply to Champion Hill, so the standard weapon may feel different from the ones you use now generally multiplayer.

Weapons can not be adjusted, but can be upgraded during the games for money. The upgrade is automatic and generally favorable, so upgrading will. You will receive a message with the key or button you need to press if you are eligible for an upgrade.

We strongly recommend that a person a. is dedicated sniper. Sniper consumes less life and can turn enemies to save both her teammates and life by the opposing team deducted.

Kill streaks and support

CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD FIRST LOOK! + a 24 Kill Win! ???? Champion Hill Gameplay (Vanguard Alpha)
Make sure that a player gets a spy plane as soon as possible Knowledge is really in Champion Hill half the battle. If you know where your enemies are, your team has a great advantage. Lost less life, put more lives. Apart from Spy Plane, it is usually best to avoid Kill streaks favor of purchase weapon upgrades and alive.

You can learn about Kill streaks and the best way to see our guide more. Killstreaks-step list: Best Streaks for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

armor plate that makes you immune to torso shots until it breaks, can also be a matter of life and death in a 1v1. Remember also to stock them.


There are only a handful of perks available to buy and most are unlocked as the game progresses. None is particularly groundbreaking, but spirit may be useful in any case, if you can save the money. As explained above, spy planes are extremely useful in Champion Hill and Ghost allows you to bypass it completely. It might give you an advantage, but there is no guarantee that the enemy uses all counters Ghost.


You will not often use the equipment and the game already with a. start MK2 fragmentation grenade and No. 69 flash bang. Save the best your money, unless you are particularly good with a throwing knife or know your cards well and place effective mines.

To achieve it for our Champion Hill loadout Guide! Remember to stay calm, to improve your gun to work with your team and no life to waste. Follow these rules, and you are well on the way to number one. Further guidance on weapons and perks you find in our STG44 loadout Guide, a solid and versatile rifle for multiplayer mode.

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