Lobhudeli like Freiburg s coach Christian stretch not — not after a defeat.

When Christian prank was addressed to a possible participation in the Champions League, the success trainer of the SC Freiburg annoyed the eyes annoyed. That s the third time that I get this week this question. I find this question of complete nonsense, said the 56-year-old at Sky. That was before the 1: 2 (0: 1) in the top game of the Football Bundesliga near Bavaria Munich.

After that, the mood was not much better in prank. I deal with zero comma zero with any forecasts and anywhere else stuff. The players went through valleys and have continuously developed very well. This whole talk of the Champions League I hold away from the team. You can not put pressure on the tranquil Freiburg. I ve always driven well. Period.

Only do not arouse too high expectations, although the strong Brasher could again demonstrate their qualities despite the defeat in the record champion.

Even Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke after scarce success with respect of a direct competitor who has asked us much. Thanks to prank, the people can inspire. But he has not liked it for ten years if too much is discussed his SC.

Prank: Let our boys rest

This was also clear when he was addressed to his striker Lucas Hole, Sky expert Dietmar Haman sees in the national team. It was not so long ago, countered prank, that Lucas was extremely tackled into the social media. And now national team? Take care of Bavaria, Dortmund and the others, said pricking, and let our guys rest in peace, then maybe even better.

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It s his project. That he lies Freiburg one day is not impossible, said prank in the current sports studio in IDF, but it is very difficult to imagine that I go somewhere else.

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Stretch criticizes Premier League and Newcastle

In addition, prank criticized the development in football that large investors interfere. Clubs should not belong to individuals, but the people who love the club, he said, and started at Newcastle United. The Magpies were adopted by a Saudi Arabian consortium, which is under the influence of Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman.

Prank referenced the acquisition as shameful for the English football combined and the Premier League and led: There are always things in football that have exceeded any degree.

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With a view of Newcastle, which now has the richest owner, he said: In this case, that s unbelievable, who is there everything in this consortium. Finally, it is known that the Saudis be entangled in severe human rights violations.