These new Modern Warfare 2 Leaks are INSANE! Tarkov in Call of Duty?
As soon as the newest call of duty game is on the market, there are other rumors to the next part of the series that will appear next year. If the annual rhythm is further adhered to, one may go out.

While developer Trey arch is allegedly returning to the Black Ops series in 2023, Infinity Ward should work for 2022 on a successor to Modern Warfare (2019).

According to the insider Ralphsvalve, the game should then suitably be modern warfare II.

In a number of tweets, it provides information about a third new mode price, which should replace the established special OPS mode.

The most important thing we have listed you:

Replacement of spec ops through a sophisticated, cross-disciplinary component of the realistic survival shooter.
Hazard Zone resembles (Battlefield 2042), but corresponds to the circumference of an Escape from Markov.
Target of mode is the accumulation of prey on multiple cards before being extracted. Houses, vehicles, corpses etc. are looted.
Architecture of the cards varies between large land masses and extensive districts to claustrophobic Barack settlements and weakly illuminated corridors in scale 1: 1.
Extract points distributed on the map can be used for the assurance if you meet the requirements. That makes it a risky mode.
Death is probably losing his prey.
On a kind of bazaar, players and I dealers should be able to put together trade agreements. Works on the principle of supply and demand with complex deals, where others can participate.
For a Gunsmith you should be able to buy essays and caliber on a point-based system with a currency structure. You acquire the points directly about the game.
Participation of microtransactions at Gunsmith are not fixed yet.
The gameplay describes the movement as much slower.
It is great importance to armor and its own equipment is also important.
Mode designed for 25 to 30 players in the variants Solo, Duo, Trio and Squad.
Limited mode Heist windfall : The insider continues to describe a limited mean mode where players can relax their items to secure a lot of money and prey. If the prey is secured, it must be extracted, with the time of extraction much longer and the I still harder. Other players are also keen on your prey.