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\ — Com2us, Japan s largest animated enterprise Ta Animation and IP-based new content joint production

\ — Global market Target light Nobel making, published in Japan s major light Nobel label in the first half of 2022

\ — Light Nobel based on World View Based Trans Media Content Cooperation Relationships

Mobile Games Corporate Com2us said that Japan s largest animated enterprise Tori Animation and I have collaborated for the IP expansion and co-producing the Light Nobel today (9th).

Tea Animation is a Japanese-largest animation manufacturer, since its establishment in 1956, a diverse work, including Dress, Dragon Ball and Galaxy 999, including Domestic, and other countries. In addition to TV animation, we are developing a global IP, using global IP, such as movie distribution, characters, and MD,

Com2us has established a close partnership for IP expansion of Ta Animation and its global game with global influence beyond Asia, Based on the basis of various transformer content, the co-planning and production of various transformers are promoted.

The two companies plan to plan light Nobel content that gains worldwide using the IP, and plans to publish through the Japanese main light Nobel label in the first half of 2022. The work is made not only in the Lite Nobel Market, but also targets the world, and both companies will target the global market through content diversification based on their work.

Meanwhile, Summer Journo> has been gained worldwide in the East and West since its launch in 2014, and has been downloading more than 150 million global sales, and has been stable for more than 7 years.

Com2us has partnership with global companies to further agitate the influence of <Summer Mourners, which is popular in this world, and expanding IP as a worldwide development and game, comics, animation, movies, webtoons, and novels, etc. We are going to strengthen the brand value of as a global representative culture contents.