The Creighton s Cuban Boss will release the third webtoon on November 15 at the same time.

The webtoon, which is presented through Never Webtoon, is 100, Silence Night, Nitrite total, and all on November 15 (Mon) starts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every Tuesday.

The representative game, PUBG: Battleground (Battleground Ground) worldview is created as a genre webtoon that encompasses actions and thrillers, and SF. It is also planned to deliver fun to find that some missing is hidden.

Webtoon participated in the production of the Content Universe, and the Willa (Representative Singsong) participated in the production, and the Was Lab founder, Soon In-wan s writer, In addition, Never Webtoon rated 10 points Study Group New Worker, Popular Webtoon Kim Punches s writer, which is popular with the Kim Punches, a compact and solid scenario, We joined the Public Nimbus world view to expand the Complete.

Survival Action Webtoon 100 (written, picture Choir Yoon-yeon) is a work that will participate in battleground directly to find Kim NAKs, Kim Jae-young, the National Assembly, The contributor to the contraceptive military for each of the thrilling and tensions of the battleground is a conjugated admiration that seems to see the action Norway movies.

Silence Night (Posted Night, Q-HA) is an unpredictable to add to the inversion. Leaving a novel of a question and suicidal the daughter of the famous writer had a story of tracking the secret associated with her father s death.

Finally, Nitrite (Write (Write (Picture Kim Punches) is a world-class paradise that can only live a 1% humanity, and the Boy Edward of the Ground Paradise Nitrite, which can live only 1%, Draw a story. The story of a woman who has a mother who has a hero falling on the hall in a moment in Paradise is to be aware of his own.

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Pubjannibus officials said, As well as existing battleground fans, we have created a webtoon as a material that can stimulate the interesting and aerobic depths of the public. As a result, I hope you can enjoy the webtoon of Public Nimbus.

Public Nervous is a worldview extended from battleground IP. The keywords of Battle Grounds are focusing on the keywords of the survival, but also the contents of various platforms and genres such as short films, documentary and animations are revealed sequentially.