The Early Access battlefield 2042 starts bumpy. The problems with the performance and server stability dominate just the discussion in the community. This gives us time to explain what weapons are just as good at the start, and why.

The gameplay in Battlefield 2042 shows early in the Early Access that most of the battles takes place in large, open spaces. Most opponents are so far away from you.

This is also due to the fact that at least on PC, Xbox and PS 5 Series X | S battles with up to 128 players are possible — twice as much as before. For this, the maps have also become much larger.

Here, the DM7 comes into play. The semi-automatic DMR ( designated marksman rifle ) shines not only because of their high precision, flexibility and their good claims: it has as its greatest strengths, where the popular assault rifles weaken sharply.

Assault rifles are in many shooters as the strongest weapons and efficient all-rounder. However, in Battlefield 2042, they behave differently than you are used.

This weapon is dominant in Battlefield 2042

The DM7 is the beginning can be the best weapon you play in Battlefield 2,042nd Since the unlocking of new weapons in the game happens relatively slowly, it is also for many hours of play your best choice. To unlock the next DMR, have to reach their level 14th This can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

What are the strengths of the weapon? Even with the default setup, without activated weapons essays, the gun is a monster. She has in fact very many strengths:

High damage
Good rate of fire
Ample ammunition in the standard magazine for up to seven kills.
Good reload
Is especially efficient in the medium and long distance, in close combat but still good

The recoil is easy to control
Very accurate, even if the character is in motion
The trajectory of the balls is easy to see what more hits and the readjustment easier

Also strong is the constancy of the gun with the standard setup:

There ranging three body shots to kill enemies without armor in the short and medium range — regardless of whether you meet the upper body or the legs.
With a headshot, it needs only one more hit anywhere on the body for the kill.
From a distance of about 100 meters it takes four body shots to kill.

What are the weaknesses of the weapon? The biggest drawback of the weapon lies in its semi-automatic nature. If suddenly an opponent standing next to you, you have a big disadvantage against weapons that can fire many bullets quickly. That does not mean that you are completely no chance in close combat: If you land a headshot, it needs only one more ball to kill.

New mechanism makes assault rifles very imprecise

What is the problem? are usually with other weapons automatic weapons such as assault rifles, the most popular and sometimes the best weapons in shooters. Especially assault rifles are in shooters as a reliable all-rounder for every situation.

In Battlefield 2042, however, they suffer from a problem. A new mechanism makes the first shot assault rifles very imprecise.

why are assault rifles a bad choice: The assault rifles of Battlefield 2042 have far more rebound on the first shot as a still in beta or any other Battlefield. The high recoil at the first shot means that every time you start shooting, your assault rifle very imprecise fires. Especially thanks to the large, expansive maps in Battlefield 2042 you can feel the common:

This video from Reddit shows impressive:

What does the video As this poor player is involuntarily proved: assault rifles in Battlefield 2042 are very imprecise at the start of a fire volley. The player does everything to improve the precision: he stops and shoots with short fires instead of blind and uncontrolled continuous fire.

What weapons affect this mechanism? This mechanism appears to be mainly weapons to affect as much from the category of assault rifles. Even machine guns are more accurate at a distance as assault rifles (via Reddit). But they make the distance very little damage.

What does this mean for the gameplay? The lack of precision in the first shot in combination with the server issues ensures that the gun play with fully automatic weapons in many situations very spongy to the touch.

Since you do not ballet particular distance with continuous firing game, but uses controlled bursts of fire, which is even clearer because: With each burst of assault rifle, the initial moment of the lack of precision repeated. Your balls so rarely end up where it is pointing with your Sight.

DMR and Sniper just hit assault rifles and SMS

Unlike assault rifles, the DM7 is not affected by this mechanics. So it is always very precise. Although you have to withdraw after each shot, because the DM7 can not be a quickfire. But especially with the larger distances of the maps, the precision of the DM7 is important. That you can not fire automatically, is hardly important.

With the DM7 you do not feel that happiness decides whether you meet or misses. For the same reason, sniper rifles are currently a good choice if you want to put on just a precise shot.

Which weapon is your favorite in Battlefield 2042? Have you already tried the DM7? If so, what is your best setup? Let s know us in the comments!

If you want to unlock other weapons or essays for the DM7, you must first collect and levels experience. This is very fast with some tricks:

With a simple trick you can farm in Battlefield 2042 fast XP farms — even without farm lobby