Battlefield 2042 She has been in the Hurricane s eye for a few days. The title is available at Anticipated Access Since last week, thanks to the reservation incentives of some game issues or services such as EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, although you will have to wait until Friday so that it will get everything the world. It will do not exempt from controversies, such as the recent one on a specialist, or performance errors.

Many users are complaining about the problems they are experiencing with the title of Electronic Arts, and since they have decided to list one List of errors that can be assaulted during our hours with the warning shooter. The complete list contains more than 30 known errors that affect performance, to errors with servers or directly to failures related to gameplay and graphics.

Battlefield 2042 ► DICE Respond To Known Issues, Scoreboard & Mouse Input Fix
We have worked hard, but no release is exempt from failures says Our teams have worked hard for Battlefield 2042 to arrive in a good condition; however, no release is free of failures, and you may find yourself with some Errors and problems during these first weeks, they say in the statement. We will work to continue resolving them, but we have created a list of known problems.

With errors or not, the world premiere of Battlefield 2042 is set for next Friday November 19, when you will reach PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In this house we have already been able to play it in depth, and Mario Gómez stood out in the text of him who is lucky enough to nourish the content of the community. You can know more about what has seemed to us in our Battlefield 2042 analysis.

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