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The Battlefield games have always been associated with vehicles. This also applies for Battlefield 2042 — but not as you think. An unspectacular vehicle is making tanks, combat helicopters and military jets in the shadows. Mango tells you why hovercrafts are even too good for gravity.

The NCAA Hovercraft is one of 14 vehicles for the launch of Battlefield 2042. In addition to the selection of tanks, combat helicopters and nozzle jets, this amphibious vehicle acts almost themed.

But the hovercraft should not be underestimated, even if it looks like a jeep in the rescue ring and a propeller on the back. Because the hovercraft is a dominant power on the servers. And not only on the species wanted by the developers.

Already in the first days of Early Access, the hovercraft turned out to be an enormous danger. It has many strengths and very few weaknesses. And that in both the most conventional and unimaginable situations in the game.

Hovercrafts have many strengths, barely weaknesses

What are the strengths from the Hovercraft? Hovercraft has many strengths, especially in mobility. Therefore, some players find that Hovercraft be the strongest vehicle in the game (Soon via Reddit).

The game describes the NCAA Hovercraft suitable as a vehicle for the soldier destruction. The hovercraft has a lot of firepower. Up to 4 people can sit in a hovercraft. Next to the driver there are also 3 weapons stations:

A passenger has access to a strong and precise Minimum by default. With Hovercraft Kills you can unlock a grenade or rocket launcher for this position. These can replace the Minimum.
Over the 2 pages of the vehicle, up to 2 other passengers have access to a lightweight machine gun.

The speed and width of the hovercraft is good to run over opponents. Especially with the control points that are open and spacious, a hovercraft can move as many opponents simultaneously. Also in places like the sand hills on the Map hourglass, where often sniper liberate, a hovercraft can dust many kills.

The high speed is also a great strength for other reasons:

A coordinated squad can quickly drive from a checkpoint to the next. This can prevent or delay a conquest.
The mobility and speed of hovercraft makes it difficult for opponents to land their hits on the vehicle.
If you should be hit, you can quickly get to safety and repair the vehicle.

What are the weaknesses from the hovercraft? The hovercraft has not only a few weaknesses — the few existing weaknesses are not so pronounced how to think.

Although the hovercraft is not as robust for a long time as tanks, but they still have a lot of. It takes 2-3 results from a rocket launcher or tank to completely destroy an intact hovercraft. This is not only surprisingly much — it is difficult at high speed of hovercraft, these hits with the slow missiles at all.

Although the hovercraft looks like it was half a dinghy, it does not take any damage from normal balls — even when firing on the part of rubber.

Bizarre Physics ensures bizarre moments

As if the hovercraft is not already strong enough with the intended playing way, players quickly discovered bizarre bugs that affect the vehicle. The hovercrafts can completely ignore the laws of gravity. Thus, they give a whole new meaning the term all-terrain Vehicle.

Hovercrafts climbing on walls like Spider-Man: Already on the first day of the Early Access has discovered a fan on Reddit that hovercrafts can stick to walls like Spider-Man. So you can climb the highest buildings in the game on as amazing as trillions.

This trick is easy to imitate and can be used in a variety of ways and ways and on many objects. This is not only bizarre, but also effective: you can surprise so camping sniper on a roof. With the firepower of the hover force, the soldier destruction of the vehicle can be proven almost safely.

Hovercrafts fly through the air like missiles: Not only walls do not seem to be a problem for hovercrafts. Also on Reddit, the User Sir shiny has posted a clip in which he flies through the air with the hovercraft.

This clip also starts with an air pillow vehicle, which sticks to the wall, but then twice as:

Shortly before the roof of the skyscraper, the driver turns the hovercraft into the horizontal, drives on the side edge of the building — and lifts off.

What follows, only looks like a substitute for wing suit of Sun dance, then turns out to be a little more deadly. The player controls the flying hovercraft skillfully and precise about a surprisingly wide range directly on a helicopter.

The helicopter explodes and tears all inmates in death. The Hovercraft Meanwhile, not only does not prevent damage, the collision does not even interrupt the repair of the vehicle. Thus, the hovercraft is the better — albeit much more impractical — rocket.

What do the fans say to these bugs? Whether and when these bugs are mixed in a patch is unclear. But fans hope that DICE lets this bug in the game:

This is one of these glitches that should stay in the game because they are so funny. (Held on Reddit)
Does not fix that, makes the feature (Florentinomain00f on Reddit)
Woe, patch the… (EpicBoss84 on Reddit)

How do you find the hovercrafts in the game? Do you find them too strong, or are you fun? And what about these bugs? Let s know us in the comments.

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