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You can stay in Wow from the diets analysis, what you want. Blizzard has removed with the past patch 9.1.5 not only any lot Inappropriate content from the game, but also introduced increased equality in many places. For example, in Marathon are now clear more male NPCs among the celebrating, instead of predominantly lightly clothed ladies.

In our interview with John High and Jeremy Cease L, the two developers have also confirmed that this has not been the end of the adjustments for a long time, and it will continue with WOW (Buy €14,99) 9.2. And so in the next update we also get the already announced possibility to transform the succubus of the Winchester into his male counterpart: the incubus.

half-naked demon man instead of half-naked demon woman

By glyph, which has meanwhile found by dateline in the files of the upcoming patch, we transform the half-naked female succubus into a half-naked male incubus. It also has already been found in the data.
WoW, Patch 9.2: Incubus Glyph brings sexual equality (1) Source: Towhead
One could ask the question of why Blizzard does not work so drastically at this point as with other occasions and the nudity just banished directly from the game? However, that would only mean conditionally. For a succubus should, like the incubus by the way, to seduce and distract the opposite with its free movement and female or male irritation. A completely dressed incubus or Succubus would be a little purposeful and strange.

By the way you will get the GLP ye is still unclear. In all likelihood, Blizzard will not make the players not hard to get them. Because that would hardly meet the intention of equality.

How do you find this adaptation and do you like the male incubus? Will you use the glyph as a Winchester?

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