Square Enix Co., Ltd. is the latest work Bravely Deport Brilliant Lights (Bravely Default Brilliant Lights), which is currently under development, from November 22, 2021, 2021, I knew that the reception of registration was started.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: President: Matsuda Yoke, Square Enix) is the latest work Baby Default Brilliant Rights (Bravely) for smartphone, Bravely series currently under development. Default Brilliant Lights (hereinafter BBL) started accepting pre-registration from November 22 (Mon.), November 22, 2021. Pre-registration is possible with the App Store, Google Play Store, and from the official Twitter account or email address. Please register at this opportunity.

▼ Foreboded registration details ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/news/ ▼ App Store ▼ https://sqex.to/lzkdh ※ There is a time to reflect the store ▼ Google Play ▼ https://sqex.to/UFCAQ ▼ Official Twitter Account ▼ HTTPS://twitter.com/bdbl official

In addition, after the formal service starts, the Amazon app store plans to start service, and we plan to implement Amazon Coin Present Campaign. A campaign special page was released from today ahead of the implementation of the campaign.

▼ Amazon Coin Present Campaign ▼ https://www.amazon.co.jp/adlp/BDBL

New Key Visual

In the new key visual released today, the original hero of this work is the new light 4 warriors, the wast ewer of the cardinal bars, the wasters of the adventurer from Dundalk, the magician visited from the Extant continent Troops is drawn. It is an illustration of a drawn grated by Naomi, a Baby Default II and the Oct op Traveler series.

Artist: Naomi, Island

Official site, the latest trailer, main improvement items after CBT, etc. will also be released simultaneously!

With the start of pre-registration, we have released the official site and the latest trailer video today. Based on the results of the closed beta test (CBT) at the official site, the details of the main improvement items after CBT have also been released.

▼ official site ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/ ▼ Pre-registration start commemorative trailer ▼ https://youtu.be/6ttjgfbo-e8

▼ Main improvement items after CBT ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/improvement/

Character introduction 1st edition of original heros detailed information and introduction video!

From today, on the official site, as the first character introduction, the original heros Claire, Steel, Sandra, Steel, Sandra, Louis and fairy Alumina in this work has released the introductory page of Alumina. In the introduction page, you can check the systemic illustrations of each character, detailed information, sample voice, introduction video, combat scenes in the game.

Alumina (CV: Mizuki Swashing)

▼ Profile ▼ A self-proclaimed alchemy fairy with feathers. She is always confined to a lantern-like instrument. She was discovered by the Clares who were visiting the pyramids survey, when she was deeply sleeping in the Sage between the sage in the deepest trap. Clares that have received the revelation of the old Levites are saved in collapse. In order to get the worlds disaster, it is so likely to get Crystal breath towards the eight world. ▼ Introduction video ▼ https://youtu.be/uze3qk7pzko ▼ official site introduction page ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/character/lumina/

Clare (CV: At sushi and Monitor)

▼ Profile ▼ Alchemist from Alchemy Street Brass. He faces the survey of the pyramids affected by light spheres, and encounters Steel, Sandy, Louis and Alumina. He does not get too much, but he looks as an ocean, except for alchemy research and eating. Furthermore, he observes his companions well, detecting modulation, etc. ▼ Introduction Video ▼ https://youtu.be/c9hltg9jhfk ▼ official site introduction page ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/character/claire/

Steel Franklin (CV: Saith Saga)

▼ Profile ▼ Alchemist Living in Bias Bar, Come and Arrangement Guide, Negotiator. He was once a bit of a band wood, but he washes his feet and is a wealthy work (persons talk). He accompanies Claires pyramid survey as escort, and has a destiny with Sandy, Troops, and Alumina in the underground temple. There is a scar of burns in his chest, and there is a long sword that is not like a petite body shape. ▼ Introduction video ▼ HTTPS://youtu.be/ncdizh ttvc ▼ official site introduction page ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/character/steel/

Sandra Cassandra (CV: Shizu-san)

▼ Profile ▼ Her close is familiar with Sandys nickname. She is a goodwill worth of women who always managed Legendarys adventurer, shes always standing her big sword on the front of the party and protecting her companions. She came to Hermetic continent with light spheres, and she has been in the Clares who visited the pyramid survey, and she fulfills fate. Furthermore, she is usually a good wolf skin, but she uses a person who can respect and his eyes, and she behaves politely. ▼ Introduction video ▼ https://youtu.be/1oln-az8lpe ▼ official site introduction page ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/character/sandra/

Roughly (CV: Takashi Condo)

▼ Profile ▼ He was a magician who came from Extant Continent, Magic Country Wizard, and was also at the Magic Research Institute of the area. He is good at the lightning spell, but he hates large static electricity and decorate lightning in the body and always keeps moisturizing. As with Sandra, she came to Hermetic continent with light spheres, and she faces a fate encounter with Clair, Steel and Alumina who visited the pyramid survey. ▼ Introduction video ▼ https://youtu.be/spaokonbwxw ▼ Official site introduction page ▼ https://www.jp.square-enix.com/bdbl sp/character/rufus/

A gift campaign held by luxury prizes!

In commemoration of pre-registration, the official Twitter account is the official Twitter account, App Store & iTunes Gift Card (Digital Code) and Google Play Gift Code (for 2,000 yen) will hit a total of 30 people by lottery We will hold Following & Retweet campaigns. Please apply by all means.

■ Official Twitter Account:
https://twitter.com/bdbl official

■ Application method
1. Follow the BBL official Twitter account (ABDUL OFFICIAL)

  1. Retweet target tweets

■ Application period
November 22nd (Mon) -20121-2012 (Wed) 23:59

※ Please check the target tweet of the official Twitter account for details.

Bravely Default Brilliant Rights

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The first work is released in 2012, and the total number of shipments and the total number of downloads and the latest work for smartphones of the RPG Bravely series whose total number of sales are over 3 million. Bravely Default Brilliant Lights Including original characters, the popular characters of the Bravely series are also the RPG that appears one after another.

Series Familiar Battle System Optimized for Smartphone Games

A series of Brave & Default Battle Systems, a series of Battle systems Optimized for smartphones for smartphone games and adopted for first adoption! Series You can enjoy a strategic battle unique to this work using a familiar system.

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In this work, we have some choice of favorite characters and have available mechanisms. In addition, in order to have been active for the character you got, we have prepared a system that can be fostered with each character characteristics and individuality.

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Title Overview

Title: Bravely Default Brilliant Lights BRAVELY DEFAULT BRILLIANT LIGHTS compatible model: IOS / Android Genre: RPG delivery date: Undefined play fee: Basic play Free (item charging type) Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/bdbl official right notation: © 2021 Square UNIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.