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Nixon said on the 25th, the 2D Action RPG Developed Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dun pa Mobile), which is developed in the Dictionary Registration Event.

‘Dun pa Mobile’ is a 2D mobile action RPG based on Nixon Representative Studies Dungeon & Fighter IP, which holds $850 million in cumulative sales. Among the first quarter of next year, he explored the animated video, which shows the development of Dun pa Multi Bus Worldview and character-specific actions, and went to pre-registration.

The user who participated in the pre-registration provides both the ‘SD Creature Box’, the title item ‘the first adventurer’, ‘1 million gold’, ‘Heartbeat Megaphone (10)’ items. Dun pa Mobile is the largest feature that the original action is based on the 2D graphics and manual combat, based on 2D dot graphics and manual combat, which has been a unique sensibility.

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In addition, to maximize the fun of manual combat, we have a new way of using mobile touch operations, and you can experience the action pleasure of high quality to select a skill operation method according to each user style.

For more information on ‘Dun pa Mobile’ pre-registration, see the Dictionary Registration page.