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Express your enthusiasm for Pokémon with every step? You can soon use new sneakers. For a 35th birthday collection of the small pocket monsters — yes, they are already so old — the Sneakers’ manufacturer Converse was brought on board. Faced out stylish chucks and more. Here you will learn what it gives everything.

Pokémon Chucks

That’s why it’s time: Pokémon will be 25. For over two decades, the pocket monsters inspire their fans. To celebrate this, the sneaker and sporting goods manufacturer Converse was brought to the boat. The result is a collection, which of course comprises Chucks, but also other sneakers and a hoodie. Suitable for the occasion, the motif selection is limited to Pokémon of the first generation like Pikachu, Shaggy, Luanda and Bissau.

The chucks are black and white in the bases. The black models are printed with the starting of the first generation as well as Pikachu and show the pocket monsters in color. Another model is dedicated to Pummeled.

The white chucks are a bit less colorful and show black and white versions of the already mentioned Pokémon and Maui. Color highlight is a football that has been easily plastic and red glowing into the shoe.

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What do you still have to know?

Converse Pokemon UNBOXING
Chucks are not all: Another highlight of the collection is a black hoodie, the Pikachu and a converse logo, combined from the flashes twitching. Especially cool: The Hoodie is based on a tour shop and calls various stations on the back, which we know from the Pokémon.

In addition, the collection, as reports, also includes example meadow T-shirts and Hoodies included. In addition, other sneaker models were shown.

When and where the collection appears? According to Hype beast, the collection appears on December 10th and if you want to secure your parts yourself, you can do that directly through Converse and other, non-detailed dealers.

How do you like the parts, and what would the piece be your choice?