An amazing one Pokémon The cosplay yields tribute to the great return of Dawn! The fans of the Singh region have had much to celebrate recently, not only with the launches of the main remakes. Pokemon brilliant diamond and brilliant, but the Singh region has made some important reappearances in the most recent episodes of the Pokémon anime that is now transmitted in Japan. Dawn herself has been at the center of these great return with her first return as part of an event of two episodes that was transmitted earlier this summer and that she saw her meet with Ash Ketchup for a short time.

How much FASTER is SURFING in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
Dawn will make his return to anime once again (along with the Singh region champion, Cynthia) as part of another major event of special episodes that will be held this winter (which will also see the return of the legendary Di alga and Polka de Sinnoh). All this coincides with the launch of remakes around the world, and now Dawn is at the center of another great celebration, since the artist @nymphahri is honoring the multimedia return of the most important Pokemon heroine and his favorite partner of the Fans with an incredible cosplay on Instagram. It has already been a great success between fans, and you can see it below:

Dawn will make the return of it to anime with a new special episode of vines Pokémon will be issued in Japan on 3 and 10 December, but unfortunately it is not yet known when these episodes will come to international territories. Now you can update with the full list of Pokemon Journeys and Pokemon Master Journeys now in Netflix. As for if the remakes were successful or not to capture the magic of the original for both old and new fans, Christian Offer of reviewed Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and a sample reads as such:

« Pokemon bright diamond and bright pearl are good remakes of an intrinsically defective Pokemon game. The games lean a little to recover the experience of the originals, which is a detriment and in a certain way denies the fantastic visual improvements and quality of life. Honestly, it feels that Pokemon shiny diamond and glossy pearl are a preventive olive branch for Pokemon fanatics before Pokemon: Areas, in the sense that it offers a decidedly retro experience as an alternative option to what will surely be The most revolutionary Pokemon game created since the franchise was launched 25 years ago.

What do you think about the great return of Dawn to anime and Pokemon video games this year? What would you like to see from Dawn next? Let us know all your thoughts about Dawn, Ash and all Pokemon in the comments!