He himself had the syringe with the booster vaccine a few days ago in his adopted home Mallorca: With that, explains Christian Handel, I just feel a better feeling. It would be very important to him, if all people have vaccinated. And my personal opinion is, so the 58-year-old, if we did not get it on otherwise, I would not have to object against a vaccination obligation. However, what the Mainz sports board brings in Rage, demands from politics after a vaccination requirement are specifically for football professionals, most recently, in particular, from Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and its NRW colleagues Hendrik Must (CDU). I can only surprise myself when the Prime Minister Conference is quite, very important decisions for us, emphasized Handel, and as the first statement after that: also the footballers in the square must fulfill 2g. I already have the impression : One puts this topic in the foreground to overrate other problems, namely what happened politically in recent months.

The vaccination rate in politics is not rugged as high as in football

Declared, Handel aims a bit on Mr Sober and supplements: I wanted to point out that there is no industry in Germany with such a high vaccination quota as the professional football. I would be interested in the vaccination rate of the German Bundestag. About that No one at all — but not even 100 people in football. The politicians have just as a model function. But the vaccination rate in politics is not as high as in football. According to Handel’s view, it still applied if you leave the AFD representatives out of eight. To focus on the professional football, Handel’s eyes simply is simple: Populism. In addition, the actual topic in the background will be pushed in the background: that we are always in Germany at the topic of corona only. I live in and too in Spain: how they canceled, we could cut out a slice in Germany.

What the FC Bayern does, would be 100% in Mainz 100%

Most of all, Handel stops, when it comes to a view of footballer then: These highly paid people. In connection with a vaccination on the income to talk — that’s the worst argument that it’s all. The best arguments on his side, on the other hand, has no salary to pay Bayern with the decision to pay unvaccinated players during their quarantine time. Handel: I find completely normal what the FC Bayern makes. A player must be in quarantine as a contact person, because he is not vaccinated, therefore does not come into training — why should that be paid? It would have surprised me if the FC Bayern had wondered would have gone to the other way. That would be made in Mainz 100 percent as well. In the 05s, however, except for a person in which there are certain reasons according to Handel, however, the entire department vaccinated anyway. The fact that the topic will accompany the professional football for a while for a very time, lies for Handel obvious: With such a tournament like the World Cup in the next winter in Qatar I’m curious to take the risk of taking unvaccinated players. That must take Hans Flick and the other national coaches decide.