BIG Metroid Prime 4 Update: New Info + Graphics Preview & Retro Studios UI Project + Dread Giveaway
Mercury steam, creators of the successful Metro id Dread, confirm their next job. With key name Project Iron, the Spaniards collaborate with the 505 Games firm for a new adventure Action RPG in third person set in a dark fantMetroidy world. The team points to a multiplatform launch; It hMetroid not been specified if it will be intergenerational or dedicated to the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s hardware.

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We are excited to be able to work with Mercury steam, a proven study that over the years hMetroid created numerous phenomenal intellectual properties, including the recent success Metro id Dread in collaboration with Nintendo, says Raffia and RAM Gal ante, Delegated Directors of Digital Bros Group, the group after the editor. With the creative vision and talent of Mercury steam and the experience of 505 games, players can expect a high quality video game, conclude.

The property of the IP will be distributed among Mercury Steam and Digital Bros Group itself; They will receive an initial investment of 27 million euros to carry it out.

Metro id Dread, your lMetroidt project

2021 hMetroid been a special year for Mercury steam. Metro id Dread excited Camus Ran fans with one of the best valued 2D deliveries of the saga. Metro id Dread is up to the circumstances. For the control, which lets us handle the hunter in its more agile and more accurate version; For the design, which branches and extends to offer exploration hours without taking us by the hand; And by the selection of bosses, which take advantage of the best combat of the saga on its 2D slope, we said in our analysis, where it achieved a rating of 9 out of 10. You can read the full text by clicking on this link.