A popular meme that opens on the road on the internet originated from a table role-play of the 1990s. In recent weeks, you may have noticed an image of meme that is opened on the way on Twitter, Reddit and others Popular Internet sites. The image shows a magician staring at a bright orb, while another figure looks at the edge of a door. The Meme was thrown on Twitter in October when a Twitter user published the image with the legend reflecting on my robe. The publication became viral, and people made their magic by adding images to the Orb or adding the face of the magician to other memes.

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Maybe he’s been wondering why the magician reflecting on his orb seems so familiar. Well, that’s because the image is a representation of Truman, the famous magician corrupted by the power in Mrs. Finally he took Truman to move away from the forces of good.

The image itself was originally the cover of valor & main: the immortal powers, a supplement to the role of the middle earth, the first table role set in the middle ground. The artist on the cover was Angus McBride, a well-known fantasy artist associated for a long time with several Tolkien works. The supplement detailed the powers and skills of the various valor and main, including characters such as Truman, Radars, Tom Bombay and the fearsome Mongolian spider. Valor and main was published for the role of the Middle Earth second edition with updated statistics of the original. Signatory of the Middle Earth Book published when the game came out for the first time in the 1980s.

Time Jame of roles of the Middle Earth Judge (or Mere) was popular at its height, the game ended formally in 1999 when its publisher Iron Crown Enterprises lost the license to publish material based on the work of JR Tolkien. However, the middle earth still lives in the space of the table. The most recent board game based on Tolkien, The One Ring role-play, will launch its set of rules of the second edition in the near future. It remains to be seen if the new The unique ring However, the game will allow players to reflect on their own orbs.